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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Before her Time or Just not Ready, Yet

I included a video this time because it sets the mood for this post. Being from West Texas, I grew up knowing about Buddy Holly. My dad introduced me to his parents one morning in the Howard Johnson's restaurant. I have some other inside connections with him, being we are both from Lubbock, Texas. Lubbock is a very music oriented town. Buddy was an inspiration to a myriad of bands. He was inspiration to both the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles. In fact, the name Beatles was inspired by the name of Buddy's band, the Crickets. The subject matter of the following video sets the tone for what I'm doing.......... Reminiscing.


About 10 years ago, I met a very nice woman in Lubbock. It was one of those cases of you find them when you're not looking. She was relatively new in town, from San Francisco, California. We hit it off and eventually started discussing possible futures. She had been recruited to Lubbock by the local medical center. I'm quite sure that West Texas was as big a culture shock to her as San Francisco was to me, the first time I went there. This woman, I'll call Jane, is a registered nurse. While we were together, we made three pilgrimages to Daytona Beach. We also spent the month of August in South Dakota. Numerous times, we traveled to New Mexico and Arizona.

One day Jane presented me with the proposition of her working as a traveling nurse. I had never heard of that, so she explained it to me. A traveling nurse is contracted by the hospital for positions on their staff. They are usually highly skilled. The hospital pays a sign on bonus, traveling expenses, monthly housing, a per diem, and a pretty hefty hourly fee. The usual time in any one place was three months. There are organizations that head-hunt for qualified RNs. Her suggestion to me was for us to sell our houses, liquidate our possessions and buy a fifth wheel camper. Although in theory it sounded like a pretty neat adventure, I was not ready to sell my house or liquidate my possessions. It's odd how our priorities will change, isn't it? Now my main focus is on selling my house and liquidating my possessions. As I reminisce about Jane and her "crazy" idea, I realize that she was just before her time. If not for the fact that she's married and living in Italy, I think I would try to bring the idea up again. I guess you could call that wishful reminiscing. I know, there is no future in the past.

Tomorrow is Monday and I already have the materials to repair my storage room. I should get that done by morning and be ready to upload furniture on Tuesday morning. After all the heavy stuff done, I have an appointment to install my 5th wheel hitch. I'm not quite sure which toy hauler I'm going to purchase, but the ones on my short list weight over 13,000 pounds. My motorcycle weighs over 900 pounds. I can't even estimate how much other stuff I'll be taking. Just to be on the safe side, I chose a 20K hitch. I have looked at some toy haulers that weigh less. If I go that route, I'll still be good. I like the idea of the hitch rated for more weight than is actually on it.


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