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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Dream Marches On

I paid my first annual lease on my storage unit today. It was a really good deal, I think. Of course, I have to do a little maintenance on my unit, but it shouldn't be too hard. There's about 2 inches of fine, powdered West Texas dirt on the floor. I have to clean all that up and then patch some of the tin panels. I have some aluminum duct tape that will get the job done, pronto. I also have a can of spray foam that will close the other dust producing gaps. There are eight wooden flats covering about half the floor. I need to find 10 more. So always good to store things off the floor. Other than that, it's in a good secure location. As soon as I refurbish it a little bit, I will start the process of removing furniture from my house. I still have some house purging to do, moving heavy loads of furniture out will help.

Whitey, the diesel-guzzling Beast
It was a very nice day here. In fact, I did all my errands today on the Harley. Not only did I enjoy the ride, but it was a pleasant break from my diesel guzzling beast, Whitey. I recall driving to Daytona Beach five years ago, diesel was $.99 a gallon in Mississippi. Yesterday, I paid $3.59. Completely outrageous, absolutely ridiculous, and not a damn thing you can do about it. I think the oil companies look for excuses, like unrest in the Middle East, or it's the 'summer blend', or we have a refinery off-line, or just about any excuse they can use to gouge the P water out of the American public. So this year dear friends, they got a jump on the Memorial Day price-gouge. So, look for another big hike at the end of May. Fuel prices are one thing that makes me want to rant and rave. Needless to say, I will be on the Harley, more and more. And on the plus side, the Harley gets over 30 mpg. Thanks to all my new followers. I thank you, Nellie, for being my first follower. I have read your entire blog. You have given me inspiration and many LOL's. For those of you interested, you can read her blog here.. While on the subject, I read where there are an estimated 4 million full-time RV'ers. I don't know where "they" get these numbers, but I suspect that's really accurate. If my math is correct, that's a little over 1% of the American population. Now that's not countin people who have a camper, travel trailer, motorhome or fifth wheel that they use for recreational camping. I am very anxious to add my number to the full-time RV populace. One thing I'm sure of though, I'm one day closer To My Dream and marching.....

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  1. My buddy made this comment about fuel prices:

    Wanted to comment on your blog but they want the ability to let anybody in the universe access my "data". Just don't seem wise. Here's what I would have said regarding fuel prices.

    "Mike, I know it's painful, but you pay more for bottled water than you do for gasoline. Ever try to get your own gallon of gas out of the ground? Petroleum has been my life and I worked in and around the business for 42 years. We are is a market commodity like coffee, sugar, land, your house, cars, booze, concerts, etc. Be thrifty, enjoy the trip, come see me, and be glad the fuel is there. I ride the "bike" as much as possible these days...for many reasons." Joe

    He has some valid points. But, greed enters the picture. Or, I should say entered the picture many years ago with the deal cut by the Nixon administration...along with Kissenger. We got sold down the proverbial river.