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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting my Priorities in Line..........

Ah yes, getting one's priorities straight. Just how do you go about doing that? I have two methods that I use separately and in conjunction. I make a list or wait for inspiration. Make a list seems to work the best, although, on the inspired days, I feel invincible. I have a list in front of me that I made three weeks ago. There are some pretty significant tasks on this list. At the top of the list is SELL my  house. Under that listing, the first sub-heading is {a. Continue to purge belongings}.  That seems like the a small enough task if it weren't for the fact that I can be a bit of a pack rat. I'm not a hoarder by definition. I'm just thrifty and hate to dispose of something, only to find I have a need for it soon afterwards. It is becoming a daunting task to downsize 4200 sq.ft.  of possessions into 400 sq.ft. of toy hauler. Mathematically it would look like this:
                4200 ft.² of stuff  > 400 ft.² toy hauler = way2much stuff.

I get my inspiration, most times, from the synchronicity of the Internet. How to I do that? This morning I found inspiration from one of my fellow blogger's post. He included a video from George Carlin. Naturally, I searched for the video below. It kind of puts things in perspective This video is from 1986. I thought it was funny then. I think it's very pertinent now.

with my stuff. I do know that I want to rid my life of unnecessary complications. A home on wheels does have its own complications, but is much simpler to maintain than the four bedroom, two bath monstrosity that I live in now. Let's not forget the advantage of being able to choose your scenery, your weather, and most importantly, your neighbors. I got a phone call this morning from a lady friend. I have known her for quite some time but haven't talked to her for a good while. When she asked what I was up to, I think I surprised her with my plans. She gave me some advice, though. She said "You need to buy yourself a smaller house so you have a place to live when you're not traveling". I don't think she really perceives the idea of full-time RV living. In my case, being free from the burden of taxes, maintenance, and the responsibility of a permanent structure is one of the perks of the full-timer RV lifestyle.

To be perfectly honest, I'm just a little bit overwhelmed. I do think in my situation, being a little overwhelmed is perfectly normal. I'm making a drastic lifestyle change, but I'm not entering into it lightly. Every day seems to hold its own challenge. I am just going to keep on marching towards my dream. Taking it one step at a time and one day at a time. I don't want to make any jerky moves. Because soon, I know I will be  OTD (out the door) and DTR (down the road).

Thanks for stopping by.


Actually I am LMAO at George, and myself. But now I have a list, a mathematical formula, and an inspiring video to help me deal with my STUFF.


  1. No worries man, not many people understand the lifestyle that don't have the bug to do it themselves :) I just found your blog and noticed your mention of an old Harley. What do ya have? I am missing mine! I sold both of them in the last few years after I got married. I didn't want to trailer them behind the van. Now I am thinking I may have to build up another and keep it at my Dad's place maybe. I shoulda kept one! Glad to find your blog!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"

  2. Thanks ~~Mike~~. I think most people know about our lifestyle, but can't see themselves actually letting go to live this way. I have read your blog. I got in when you were putting in the cork floor. Awesome.