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Friday, March 18, 2011

Have You Seen This?

I'm not a big advocate of violence. I think sane and reasonable people should be able to settle their differences without resorting to violence. With that being said, I will admit that I do possess a CHL. Those letters stand for concealed handgun license. My license was issued by the state of Texas. With this license, I'm allowed to carry a concealed handgun in 32 states (includes Vermont, Alaska and Arizona. No permit needed).  That's because Texas has an agreement with those states to honor the CDL issued by them. It is an agreement known as Reciprocity. I will do whatever it takes to protect me and mine. I take the second amendment to the Constitution literally. With that being said, I would like you to watch this video about self-defense. You can reach your own conclusion about the actions of Casey Heynes. I think he was well within his rights. For some reason, YouTube keeps deleting this video.

Sorry about the text size.I took Snookie’s advice and downloaded Live Writer. I promise I will improve my LW skills. This post has been a test. I’m not sure how to use everything yet. I am having some technical difficulties. I am going to make some changes to my blog format.

In closing, I would ask you to leave your opinion about the Casey Heynes video. I think the kid was 100% within his rights, and that the little bully got just what he deserved. Little Bully's mom is also on YouTube, and says about the same thing. She thinks her son should apologize to Casey.
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  1. Looks like the video has been removed again....

  2. I reposted, Sassy. If YouTube removes it again, just search for Casey Heynes.

  3. The big ole boy who fought back needs a medal. Good move he made on the punk!!
    The school system was WRONG!!! Didn't they watch the video?