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Monday, March 28, 2011


It's Monday morning and the West Texas weather has turned cold. Three days ago I ran the air conditioner, while this morning, I had to restart the heater. Here's what it looked like at 10 AM.

Over the weekend, I made a good dent in the garage. I called a buddy to come and get whatever he wanted from my discard pile. I guess he was too busy for free stuff. I think what I'll do is line it up out front and put a "free stuff" sign up, and see what happens. I know I could probably have a yard sale, but I want to stuff gone, now. It's all part of my master plan, downsize, eliminate, purge, and be done with it. Less is more, right?

Sometime today, I'm going to go borrow a trailer. I think my house will be easier to sell if it is almost vacant. I have started packing up the things that I want to take in the RV. I read on someone's blog, don't remember which one, have they decided they wanted all new stuff in their RV. After a few weeks, they decided they wanted  their familiar things. I can relate. For instance, I have a small collection of my mother's kitchen items. Some of these items, I can remember Mom using, even before grade school. I like the nostalgic, homey feelings that I get when I use these familiar things. Don't misunderstand what I'm saying, for I will buy some new things for my RV. I don't want to completely cut the ties I have with my past. What I don't like, is this feeling that everything is up in the air.
I have found a toy hauler that has really piqued my interest. It is made by Heartland, specifically, a Cyclone 300C. Read about it here. I have actually seen one of these. Here's a picture:

Today, I'm on a mission. So it's breathe in and out, 1 foot in front of the other, and started whittling away at my master list. Here is your video of the day, so aptly named, Monday Morning......

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  1. Hope putting the stuff on the curb works. I know how hard it is to get rid of stuff. I have a rather large storage shed and I couldn't even get in there anymore. I had one of my grandsons come and clean it out. Boy did we get rid of stuff. It is now neat and orderly. I understan that you are going to full time. Good luck and have wonderfl adventures. I like your choice in the 5 er

  2. Michael, One thing that I've seen on Blogs a lot is to take one room at a time and finish it.

    The Toy Hauler is awesome.....and BIG.

  3. Your approach sounds perfect - less is more, but keep a few things that have real emotional meaning. And thanks for the Fleetwood Mac clip. That one never fails to get me singing.

  4. I used to tow a 28 foot bumber pull with a half ton pick-up. Wife and I were up in the air about full timing and decided to get a fiver. Looked at the same one you did. Then I realized I would have to put out 40 or 50 grand just for a truck to pull it. Our secnd vehicle was jeep, so we decided on a motorhome. Then we decided not to go full time just yet, so bought a Class-C because it would go places a big Class-A will not. Good luck on going full time. I will become a follower of your blog to keep up with your progress.