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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Southern Culture on the Skids

Things seem to be going along as planned. I'm getting the house ready to sell. I should meet with the realtor sometime this week and I take that as a good sign, I really am moving on with my plans. I cleaned up a big barrel of leaves and such. I must've been doing a good job because my picky neighbor came over and looked and said, " Good Job".

Cleaning up around this house has its own rewards. I know I'm quite possibly doing routine maintenance on the old homestead, perhaps for the last time. I know, I will have maintenance on the fifth wheel, and the truck, and the Harley. I'm a pretty hip, mechanical type guy. I understand the necessity of preventive maintenance.

I found this poem this morning. I feel like it truly captures the spirit of camping. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Texas Hill Country Spring Time

Another Spring
The seasons revolve and the years change
With no assistance or supervision.
The moon, without taking thought,
Moves in its cycle, full, crescent, and full.
The white moon enters the heart of the river;
The air is drugged with azalea blossoms;
Deep in the night a pine cone falls;
Our campfire dies out in the empty mountains.
The sharp stars flicker in the tremulous branches;
The lake is black, bottomless in the crystalline night;
High in the sky the Northern Crown
Is cut in half by the dim summit of a snow peak.
O heart, heart, so singularly
Intransigent and corruptible,
Here we lie entranced by the starlit water,
And moments that should each last forever
Slide unconsciously by us like water.
~ Kenneth Rexroth ~

See, RV'ers can have culture, too. I don't know about you, but I have a love for words. I especially like when words rhyme and have a meaning. I think it is very, very clever.

Okay enough culture, back to business. I just talked to my realtor and she is going to come out at 1:30 today. She is one of the top producing realtor's in the area and I feel like she is going to do a very good job for me. I am being careful in trying to do all the right things towards my goal of being a full-time RV'er.

Selling my house is an important key to what I'm trying to accomplish. The higher price that it brings determines the type of toy hauler I'm going to live in. I feel very fortunate, in that I have options in accomplishing my goals.

It's a big step for me to actually list my house on the open market. I'm not looking forward to the actual act of her showing this house. I am kind of a private person and really don't want strangers traipsing about my domicile. But, I do want this house sold so................ bring 'em on. Hopefully my realtor will weed out the lookie-loos and tire kickers. I'll let you know what happens.

While I'm on the subject of clever words that rhyme, here is a video by Billy Joel. He recorded this in 1989. As I recall, I thought the song was clever, but I was not a big fan of his and I didn't understand what the song was about. It's about the history of the world listed as a stream of consciousness. It goes from 1949, the year of Billy's birth to 1989. There are 119 items listed in this song. It truly is a masterpiece. Enjoy.........

That's all for now for all you culture hounds. I hope you have a wonderful day, and stay nice to each other.
Thanks for stopping by. TTYL.


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