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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Git ‘er Done

Do you ever just get a craving? When I got ready to fix lunch today, none of the usual stuff sounded good. So I dipped way back into the past, and fixed something my grandmother used to make. Does this look good to you? Do you know what it is?

That is a bowl of turnip greens. I know, it sounds like I was raised by Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies. No such luck, although I've had a few Jethros and a couple of Banker Drysdales in my life. Haven't we all?

Monday is coming up and I have plenty to do this week. I still have a tiny bit to do on the truck, and then it will  officially be a Tow Vehicle. Before I do those things, I have to use it as a moving truck. I am determined to get the house cleaned out, spruced up, and put on the market. Advice I got from you guys and from my homeys, has helped me make up my mind on which route I'm going to take for the sale. I have decided to try and sell it myself. I do have some salesman skills, so we will see what happens. I can always list with a realtor later. Any suggestions? We have a local magazine here called FSBO. That stands for "for sale by owner". It is dedicated to helping owners sell their houses. I will list my house with them. I will also list in the local newspaper. I think I will put it on Craig's list, too. I don't know about eBay, any input?

My Little Town
I know some of you have gone through what I'm going through now. I am so anxious to get my move on. I certainly don't want to waste any of the upcoming seasons. I don't really like the position I am in. I have made up my mind to totally downsize, sell my sticks and bricks, and get on with the business of full-time RV'er. I know, get to work. Gosh, if I only had an inspiring video. Like this:

One of the things I'm sure of, I will not buy a toy hauler without seeing it first. The only units available to look at in our town are Fusion, Road Warior, Raptor and Cyclone.
All four are good units. I have done my research and have found several other brands that I would like to look at. I think I'll go on a road trip to Dallas, and look at some of these units in person. If you have ever been to Dallas, you know they have just about anything a person would want. I just want to be informed about everything that is available in the toy hauler department. Here's a little ditty for you, from one of my old friends, Joe Ely.

That's about it. I'm ready to put my nose back on the grind stone. Git 'er Done, if you will. I expect to make a big showing this coming week. I'll keep you posted.



  1. I love turnip greens !!

    Just read on another Blog that the couples house SOLD and they'll be hitting the road within the next two months. BE READY - It could happen to you soon also. Wishing you luck !!

  2. About selling your house, I understand the no Realtor bit , BUT at the very least call your lawyer and get the right papers.. DO NOT carry any note on the house. DO NOT deal with EBAY!

  3. Gotcha Ben. I understand that part of the process.