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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, Everyone!

I mean that sincerely. Happy Easter! It seems appropriate to me to put on my very favorite gospel song. I looked for the original version, listened all the alternative versions, and this one was my favorite. Please enjoy this video.

I'm feeling so happy this Easter, I will put on my second favorite gospel song. I have loved this one since I was a little boy. I hope you like this version.

For me, Easter is always been a season of rebirth and rededication to my goals. If you have read all of my posts, you might recall the master list that I made close to the beginning. I find it easier to make a list, then scratch off items as I make progress. I am halfway through my list. My main goal is to liquidate all my crap (excess junk), sell my house, buy an RV (toy hauler), and hit the road, Jack. I'm not going to say I'm not coming back anymore. I have friends here that have been my friends for many years. It's not that I want to get away from anything (some things though). I just want to be free.

Tomoka State Park
(the jungle)

I long to awaken in a pine scented mountain meadow and have my coffee in beautiful and natural surroundings. I want to cook over the camp fire, again. I want to walk with my children and grandchildren through the redwood forests of California. I want to ride the Tomoka jungle and the Old Kings Highway in Florida, with my brother, like we have on the Harleys, so many times. With these goals firmly in mind, I feel a rededication of myself in my march towards making my dream a reality. I got a call from brother the other night. His advice to me was grind, grind, grind. He said he didn't care if I had to drink coffee all night long for the energy to finish this house sale. Okay, I'm going to grind so hard, I may break the grindstone. He was right. Summer is coming on, and it's the best time to sell a lakeside house.

Since it's springtime, and Easter, I had a hankering for some hot rod music. Let me introduce you to Junior Brown. Junior is from Austin, and lives on Lake Travis. I have even been to his house. Junior is a guit-steel virtuoso. I hope you enjoy this. Get a load of his backup singers.(who are those old farts?). Wow!

This is the second blog I have done today. The first one didn't have anything to do with Easter, so I saved it for later time. It was about opening of mind and perspective, and about transformation. I guess it did have a little to do with Easter, huh? And loyal readers, I promise to keep up with my blog during all this grinding.



  1. Hey you got on Hitch Itch - LOVE that... Welcomed.. And Happy Easter to you too!!


  2. Rock and Roll!!! Believe it or not that was the second record ( 45rpm single) that I ever bought!! Never had a 409 though, had that POS 348 in a 59 Impala , it sucked push rods like a kid eating a Popsicle. And had that flush-a-matic hyerodlide (?) two speed, low and high.

  3. Evielynne-Thanks. I bet my stats improve.

    Ben-Hydroglide? I remember those. Who was singing back-up for Junior? It's the Beach Boys. Awesome.