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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heading out Tomorrow!!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone, how are you? It looks like the fires have calmed down and the Harley trip is ON!!! We will leave here (Thursday at noon) and head on down to the Big Bend. While I have you on the line, I'd like to show you my "other camper".

This picture was taken a year ago in, of all places, Fort Davis. See the trailer I'm pulling? Inside it are all the comforts of home. Since we are taking George with us, it's considered 'too hot' to stay in a tent. I'm not going to complain because I like air conditioning, too. It's time for me to get a new tent, anyhow. I haven't worn this one out, I just don't like having to get down on my knees to get in and out of it. My, how things change when we become, well let's just say more vintage.

When not going to leave until 12 noon. That's good for me because I can wait until morning to get the Harley ready. Really, that's not gonna take me very long. I try to keep my vehicles in top shape. You never know when you got to bug out, right? Speaking of bugging out, my friend Sonya has started writing in her blog, again. She has not been very active since last fall, so I was a little worried that she had changed her lifestyle. Her's is one of the first blogs that I read about the full-time RV lifestyle. She is quite a character. She carries a concealed handgun, quite well, I will add. She travels in a modified VW camper van. Read about her here While you're there, read what she says about bug out kits.

  I'm not really busy right now, so I think I'll start getting ready for the trip tomorrow. I promise to keep you posted. Here's some Harley Road trip music, just for you.

Thank you for stopping by. Now I must get on with the business of R and R.


  1. Michael, Looking forward to seeing lots of pics from this road trip !!

  2. nice bike! and very nice page. I will add yours to my blogroll. Also that was nice of you to mention me. I definitely plan to be more active on my blog, I just get a little tired of being online at times and have a tendency to disappear. Definitely not stopping the mobile lifestyle, just using my time to branch out into all different directions.. Lol. If that makes any sense. Take Care! Will be checking back on your page :)

  3. You are both sweet and I will see you one day.

  4. Michael, thanks for visiting my blog. I went through some of the same area a few days ago, too--saw the smoke from the fires, helicopters flying in water bladders, etc.