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Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's Dedication Time…sort of like on the Radio.

You know what? This is the second time I've written this post today. When I finished it earlier, a glitch in my programming completely zapped it out before I could save it. Is that ever happened to you?  How irritating!

This first dedication goes out to my friend Sassy. She is in California right now. Denise is a gal after my own heart. She's a full-time RV'er and rides a Harley. Meet her here! This one's for you pal, turn it up. (I hope you like it).

Every morning I have coffee with the Hermit. He entertained me with Johnny Cash yesterday. Johnny is one of my all-time heroes. I narrowed it down to two dedications. This is for you Jim. (I hope you enjoy them). You can have coffee with Jim, too. Here.

Remenber when Eric Clapton looked like this? I do.
Watch the end when he jams with Johnny.

I know it hurts. R.I.P.

I had dinner with two of my favorite friends last night, TR and Patsy. I love those two. It looks like TR and I, and our friend George, are going to Big Bend this coming Thursday. I'm excited because the three of us haven't been on a Harley trip together since last summer when we went to Ouray, Colorado. I'm going to take the computer and the camera with me so I can post while I'm gone. This will be the first time I've done anything like that. I was excited last summer when my cell phone quit working the first hour that we were on the road. Of course, I had a responsible job then and it felt like playing hooky when my phone broke. I don't think anyone will be calling me about municipal emergencies this time. Even though this is a Harley vacation with two good friends, it does turn the pressure on a bit. But don't worry, I think I can handle it. Here's a dedication to you three guys going to the Big Bend Thursday. After all, isn't it an American law to enjoy your freedom? Should be.

Hope your Sunday is terrific and I'll type at you later. Thanks for stopping by.



  1. I hope you are paying attention to the range fires out Bibe way. For example Fort Davis is shut down.

  2. Thanks for the tunes and the cartoons today! Always nice to see someone that enjoys a good ol' grin!

    I appreciate the songs...I always did like "Hurt". That's a song Johnny was very familiar with, I think!

    Have a great road trip!

  3. Yes Barney-We are watching the fires and the weather. Like all 'real' bikers, we don't need a destination...just a direction.

    Thanks Jim. We are all too fimiliar with the pain. Part of life, I guess..

  4. "Like all 'real' bikers, we don't need a destination...just a direction."
    Applies to some of us RVers also. HE HE HE

  5. Hey Michael, I'm very flattered !! Now git that house sold and git on the road !! Make Quartzsite your destination for next January and we will ride together !!

  6. 10-4, Roger-wilco... and all that stuff. Liked your post about puttering.