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I feel like I have made the BIG TIME. My blog has been picked up by This is how I started my reading about other full-timer RV blogs. Thanks Ron and Terry!!! Thank you, Maryanne. I am listed on her great site Frugal RV. These are great reference sources.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Itching to Get There…….

If you read the header, you found out that RV0777 has been included on that fabulous, full-time RV site, HitchItch. I am proud and humbled at the same time. Thank you Ron and Terry.

After the excitement of seeing my blog listed yesterday, it was down to business. What kind of business? Poodle business. What could a poodle possibly need? Food, shelter, toys, love, and a routine grooming. There is just no way around it. Every 4 to 6 weeks, I take my little guys to the groomer. I don't do it as much in the winter time as the summer, because I think they appreciate their fur coats. Cammie and Toby don't like going, I can tell by the way they shake when we get close to the groomer, but I know they appreciate their new style and I appreciate their new aroma. Even though it's about $70 every time we visit, I believe it's money well spent. Like I've said before, they think they are people. (That includes sleeping on the bed) Here are the before and after's:



It is really a pretty morning here in West Texas. Like most of the Southwest, we have had some very windy days, lately. Most of the blogs that I read on a consistent basis are full of complaints about the wind. I even read a few this morning about them getting rain. Here on the southern plains of Texas, we have not had any rain since October 2010. That's going on to six months without rain, y'all. This is starting to get serious. Our economy is very dependent upon the farmers. Cotton is King in these parts. I think it's time to pray for rain. In my Easter post, I included two of my favorite Gospel hymns. I found this one yesterday, it's one of my new favorites. I really enjoyed watching Carrie's colleagues, other famous musicians, paying homage to her. You can see the looks of amazement as she hits unbelievable notes in this fabulous rendition of an Elvis Presley classic. This is also the best guitar lead I have ever heard from Vince Gill. Enjoy!

I have to be going now, we're getting furniture moved out of my house. Progress! The March continues towards my dream. I'll talk to you later.


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