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Monday, April 4, 2011

Manic Monday?…..Nope. It’s Cool

Today was a good day, despite it being Monday. After some fierce negotiations on both sides, the record deal is done! I threw in some extra stuff and he threw in some extra dollars. My friend is getting an excellent collection. Of course it helps that he owns a record store. I went back to the old sayings when my neighbor quoted me " A bird in the hand is worth two birds in the bush". I would also add that LP record albums are a buyers market. It's a relief knowing my collection will be appreciated, not just put the dumpster by my survivors.

I went to Walmart today, or as my former associate called it "The Walmarts". Have you ever noticed that some people say Walmart, while others say Walmarts, or the Walmart? Anyhow, for the last few months I have been doing my shopping at Walmart. It just seems like the RV code. We're welcome that most Walmarts for the occasional overnight stay. For many years I had shopped at a tri-state chain. I thought it was time I got used to Walmart. To be honest, I miss some of the customer service but I appreciate the savings and the availability of most anything you want or need. Any store with that kind of overnight stay policy, I am going to patronize. When I finished shopping there I went to the SunHarvest "natural" food store. It's the only store I have found that sales Nolan Ryan beef. Have you tried Nolan Ryan beef? I think it's the best. Read about it here. It was on sale for $6.99 a pound. What a bargain.

Today went so well, I didn't know how to take it. I'm not a negative person, but I seem to always have this feeling of impending doom. You know, like waiting for the other shoe to drop. It's not something I struggle with, like some kind of addictive behavior, but I always think things are too good to be true. Usually, I play or listen to music to find a more positive space. I like this one:

This next one I have loved since it first came out in 1986. Steve Earle showed the world a brand-new way of doing country music.This is a great highway song. If you're not familiar with this song, please give it a listen.

I have to admit, I just love that Shiite-kicking music. IYGMD (if you get my drift). LOL. Now I need to ask you a question. Have you enjoyed some of the old cartoons? I'm putting one on now that I'll bet you have not seen. Yes, it's a cartoon. But be forewarned because it's a different type of cartoon. It's a dark cartoon, dealing with darker subject matter. It's actually a cross between music video and cartoon. Let me know what you think.

Thank you all so much for taking an interest in my endeavors. It means a lot to me. And like I said before, I'm open to some constructive criticism. That's all for now, I have to go get up early tomorrow. It's furniture moving time! WoooHoooo! I'm marching towards my dream, as always.



  1. About your music picks, I like anything pretty much , by the Dire Straights, and Steve Earle yea, good tune.
    The last one, interesting, sort of reminds me of some of the Japanese things I have stumbled across on the WWW. Jury's still out on that one. But I would like to see it redone with real people,, ( if you get my drift:-) )

    I'll have to check my Local Wally World big store for that Nolan Ryan Beef. Don't buy a lot of steaks any more, hard to cook and eat a whole one all by myself.

  2. New fan! Your Blog is way cool and very different and that my friend makes for a cool read!!

  3. J&E-Thanks. I like your's, too!

    Ben, Love that Steve.