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Friday, April 8, 2011

Take the High Road

Did you ever have one of those days? Let me tell you about yesterday. The temperature did get up to 82° , but the wind blew about 40 mph. All the cotton farmers are doing their spring plowing so there was lots of dust in the air. Ever determined, I went to Sutherland's for some indoor/outdoor carpet. I have a landing where the carpet needs replaced. They were having a 25% off sale so I thought I would just pick it up and go home and fix it. I stood by the carpet rolls for a solid 30 min., ask two associates, (I guess they were flunkies because they couldn't do anything ) who said they would get me someone that could help me . I didn't get upset, far from it. I just got in the truck and drove to the Home Depot. The exact same scenario happened there. I decided I didn't really need carpet right now.
All Clean and Ready for Action
 I did stop at coin-op car wash and washed the truck. One of the disadvantages of my dually conversion is that it will not go through a car wash, now. No problem. Little elbow grease and about five dollars worth of quarters got the job done. Some days are different than others. Cue the video.....

I don't really know what it is with me today. I'm not depressed, really. Things are going my way, sort of. I looked for an inspiring song that fit the situation. My hero, Billy Joe Shaver, has one that fits. It's name is "the Highway of Life." I could not find it on the web or YouTube so I guess I'll just post this one ...

For the last few months, I have really been behaving myself . I think I'll just go out tonight and see what the world has to offer . Sometimes I feel like I'm suffering from depression. Why should I do that? I have my dreams unfolding right before my very eyes, so maybe I'm just impatient. I need to buck up and get on with it. My brother even called me from Daytona Beach this morning for a pep talk. He told me he had already seen six toy haulers being pulled by Ford pickups. Of course, Florida has more than its share of fifth wheelers. I'm anxious to add one more. Today I'm going to take packed boxes to my storage room. All of these boxes are marked "RV". They are intended to be my first load of "stuff" that goes in my new home. I also buried my St. Joseph. Learn about it here. I don't know if it's gonna help, but it can't hurt.

Okay, all this John Fogarty and Billy Joe Shaver has made me restless. I'm going to give the Harley a wash job, get my motor running and had out on the highway. It's time for me to go bust some bugs. Maybe this is just the spring version of the summertime blues. I'll let you know.That's all for now, hope you all have a blessed day.



  1. Just hang in there Big Guy we all have those type days.And you are right bout no help at the stores.. What ever happen to customer Service?

    BTW, when you gonna treat us to a link to your new Toyhauler or did you do that I slept that day?

  2. Ben-What has happened to customer service? I have only used the self checkout counter once. I don't like that, either. Look on the right for the "Moan-Day..Ya'll" post and I think I have narrowed my choice down..some.

  3. I think taking the Harley out will do you much good. My late husband called it, blowing off the stink.

  4. One day at a time and you'll soon be free to enjoy the good life with the rest of us.

  5. Yeah for the Good Life!!!!! (coming soon)

  6. Maybe a bike ride is just the thing! Certainly can't hurt!

    Keep thinking it won't be long now!