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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thor’s Day?

Well, we made it to Thursday. Do you know why Thursday is call Thursday? It was named for that antiquated god, Thor. So it's actually Thor's Day. I had an employee one time that would get all excited on Thursday. He would always greet you with, "Happy Thursday". I asked him what was so special about Thursday. He said, "Why Boss, Thursday is nothing but  'little Friday'. I thought that was kind of clever. So now we have Moan-day, for Monday, Hump-day for Wednesday, and Little Friday for Thursday. Friday has several nicknames. TGIF, finally Friday, or my favorite, date night. My favorite neighbor calls it that. She also has a name for Saturday night. She calls it 'sin-night'. She's quite a clever one, that Mary.

Of all the people here in my hometown, I'm gonna miss Mary the most. She is more than just the neighbor, she is my friend. She is also my confidant, my lovelorn advisor, and a fellow traveler on the spiritual red road. She doesn't want me to move. I wished I could just scoop her up and take her with me. She has become as dear to me as a mother. She is 17 years older than I am, and teases me about things I'm in store for. When I turned 47 I complained about minor aging issues, such as getting tired quicker, or going to bed earlier and getting up waaaay earlier. She laughed and said, "if you can't take 50, you're in for a whole lot of surprises. Wait till you're 64." I laughed, because that was 1997. She was right! Here's the video.....

Well? Will you? (still need me?still feed me?) I have a pretty good idea what my Social Security check amount will be. I'm not sure if I could live on it, but in seven months I'm going to apply for my early retirement SSI. I have done the research. I have narrowed it down to the following two paragraphs.

Is it better to take reduced benefits at age 62 or full benefits later? The
answer depends, in part, on how long you live. If you live longer than your
break-even age, the overall value of your retirement benefits taken at full
retirement age will begin to outweigh the value of reduced benefits taken at age
You generally reach your break-even age about 12 years from your full
retirement age. For example, if your full retirement age is 66, you should reach
your break-even age at 78. If you live past this age, you end up with higher
total lifetime benefits by waiting until full retirement age to start
collecting; otherwise, collecting benefits at age 62 may be better.

I know we don't know when were going to die, but I don't see myself living until too ripe an old age. The night before my grandmother died, I had a long conversation with her. She was 92 years old. She made me promise her that I would not live as long as she has.

I do have some ideas on what I would do if, dread the fact, I got too sick to travel. Do you know about the S.K.P's? They were originally a full timers co-op. Now they are so much more. The Escapee's organization is based in Livingston, Texas.(not Lewisville). As you read in that link, be sure and check out C.A.R.E. here's a couple of things from their website.

Friends may offer to help, not realizing that a "little help" will become a need for extensive help with no end in sight. Is it fair to put that burden on neighbors or relatives who have their own lives to live? There has to be a better alternative than depending on neighbors or trading your RV home for a land-based residence. There is! It is located in Livingston, Texas, and it is called CARE (Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees). Its mission is to provide a safe haven with professional assistance at affordable prices for members whose travels are permanently ended because of age or temporarily interrupted because of health problems.
CARE is a place where you will receive professional help for the things you may no longer be able to do. It is not a nursing home. Its goal is to delay or eliminate the need for a nursing home

What it boils down to is an RV park called Rainbow's End. They pull the aging RVer into a spot, and then try to take care of you. You get your meals, there is an LVN, someone helps around your rig, and cleanup inside for $800 a month. I don't know about you, but I would much rather do that than go to an assisted living facility. Just saying......

Tired of paying for high gasoline? Click on this link and look at this cool motorcycle. Warning!!! It's not a Harley.

I have hired three able-bodied young men to help me move the furniture out of my house. Were going to spend all day Saturday, doing this. So much for sin-night, huh? I'm going to move out anything that is not absolutely necessary. I'm getting to the point of no return. After the house is emptied out, I'm going to do some very minor repairs, put the superclean on everything, and then put my house on the market. I have decided to try and sell this house myself. I can always enlist a realtor if I am unable to do that. I'll let you know how moving day turns out.

Thanks for stopping by, it's been lonesome here without you.



  1. WE ESCAPEES are based in LIVINGSTON, Texas. That is where my legal domicle address is located. They are great. Back when I was working CARE at the Escapees was my main charity.

  2. Barney, you're right. I've corrected it.