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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I don't think I'm a curmudgeon, yet.

I have thought about writing this post for some time. I'm relatively new to this blogging business. In fact, I read my very first blogs this past January. I googled the Internet and found the hub of full-time RV sites. soon became an obsession, of sorts. There were several sites that caught my interest. If I found it entertaining or informative, I would sift back to the very first entry, and read the entire blog. Several of them went back for a few years. No problem for me, I am a voracious reader. Even though I have been an RV’er since I bought my first camper in 1971, I learned a lot. I was what we referred to as a stalker of blogs. I did not choose to follow anyone, nor did I leave any comments. Finally, I started to join a few sites as a follower.

As a result, I started leaving comments. Some of my fellow bloggers were so very gracious. When I left a comment, they would snap right back with a welcome to my blog, we're glad you're here, type statement. That really made me feel welcome. Just the simple fact of answering my comments has forged some friendships that I am very grateful for. However, there were a few bloggers that never acknowledged questions or even praise that I left in their comments section. Coincidentally, it may be that budding curmudgeon in me that felt snubbed, so this morning I deleted any blog that refused to communicate back. Sorry, but I won't miss you. It only takes a moment to say “I'm glad you're here-thanks for following my blog-good question, here's my answer-and so forth”. Maybe they don't know you can reply to comments.

On the other hand, it seems I can enjoy a running communication with some of my favorite bloggers. Here's the short list:

Okay, that's the shortlist.  I want to thank my blogger buddies. Now, while I'm on the subject, I want to thank my followers, too. It really does mean a lot to me. I warned my brother that I would include a sentence about him, just to see if he really does read my blog. So this is it, BK. You better leave a comment, everyone's watching.

You know that I believe the statement, laughter is the best medicine. With that in mind, I found is a good dose of medicine from these goofy people. These are called pranks and I'm not sure if all of them are authentic, but they're darn sure funny. Here's our dose of medicine for this morning. I hope you laugh as much as I did....

Warning, contains offensine language

Thank you for listening. If I deleted your blog, and you don't feel like I should have, leave me a comment. That's really all I wanted to begin with. Oh, and be glad I'm just a beginning curmudgeoner. God bless you all.



  1. AAAWWWWWW. You kept ME! Thank you!!!!

  2. Sharon, of course. Why, we have a history. Thanks for the support. It means a lot to me.

  3. Thanks for keeping my dribble on. I appreciate it.. Gonna buy you a beer , one of these days, somewhere.

  4. Ben-We call our prose dribble and drool. Funny. Thanks for the beer. Love the F-250.

  5. I don't know if I was ever there, or am now deleted or am there even now. The blog world is funny in that we form attachments and yet the fabric that holds a group together can change daily/weekly/monthly as people's lives change and they post more, or less. Right now I am dealing with a lot of things here in Honduras. A lot of painful dental work, a lot of wondering what the heck I'm doing here, a lot of wondering if/when I'll ever get to actually buy an RV and live the life I want. A lot of this I don't want to blog about. So, don't take it so personally if some bloggers don't individually comment back immediately. It may be less about not caring and more about other things going on in their lives causing a lack of chattiness in general.

  6. Shadowmoss- I started on your blogs. You have two, so I read ALL of one (Gaelio) and started your other one. I have lived abroad and now, I don't hardly want to leave Texas. You are very brave crossing the Rio Grande. Hope to see you someday in a camp somewhere. Thanks for your comment. (be careful and get well!)

  7. I see that I'm one of the lucky ones... you kept me. Sometimes I don't read your blog because it shows up on my page as though you haven't written anything. I tried to fix that but nothing I do can change it. So now and then I click on your screen name and see that you have blogged. I enjoy your posts.

  8. Wow! I,m on someone's shortlist and it appears to be a good thing, for a change! I agree with Shadowmoss and would add that sometimes I got nuthin to say about nuthin, and no one should take that personally.

    Also, I have the same problem as Gypsy Boho in that your blog downs't show up on my reading list. I rediscovered you, again, when I was cleaning out the readinglist. Tried a bunch of times to get your blog to show up by deleting and adding you again and again, to no avail.

    And before I forget, thanks for visiting our blog!

    Cyndi and Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  9. Michael, thanks for keeping me on your list, it feels good. I find your blogs to be interesting and best of all fun to read.

  10. I have noticed my tag doesn't post as new. I don't know why. I will try to fix that, today. Thank all of you so much for stopping by. Out of so many fine RV blogs, this means a lot.

  11. Well all looks good, but hurry up and get on the road.

  12. Aw, thanks! I like the connections we make online, and correspondence has meant a lot to me (still does). Thanks for commenting on our blog. Right now, while I'm figuring out either how to be online as much as I want, or how to want to be on less, my commenting is suboptimal.


  13. Just found your blog...only read two posts so far but enjoying it. Have to admit that I'm one of those that don't comment back most of the time. Why? Several reasons, some because I maintain multiple blogs, some because many folks never go back to see if someone posted back to them, some just pure time...

    That said, if someone links to an email address and I feel a reply is needed, I do reply. If I feel others would benefit from the answer, I will post a new comment.

    Guess overall, I'd rather be riding than writing although you sure wouldn't believe it by the number of blogs I do (mostly in the evenings....honest). LOL!

  14. Donna aka~ I looked at your blog writing list. How do you do that? Also, I looked at you 'blogs you follow' list. Do you really read all of those? Wow! So, how do you find time to write? and, how do you find time to ride?