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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Digital Purgatory…or... What I Did This Weekend

How is everyone? I would like to say I'm just fine, but! The last two days, I really have been in computer purgatory. What is that, you ask? That's a place you go when you try every single thing you know to fix your computer, and none of it works. Let me start from the beginning. At the beginning of last week, I've got some kind of virus. Usually, Microsoft security can deal with this type of thing. Before I could even stop it, that mangy virus took control of my taskmaster. I had finally gotten to the point where I had nothing to do except a complete restore. I don't really have a problem with that, my important stuff is stored on flash drives and on my laptop. So I found the two HP discs and proceeded to do a restore. At the end of it, I was asked for the supplemental disk that HP had sent me. No they didn't. I loaded up my desktop and went to see the computer guru. $100 later, and a few hours, I put my desktop in and found out my sound didn't work. Okay. I know enough to know I didn't have the correct drivers loaded on my XP operating system. Six hours later, after many attempts, I ended up purchasing an online program called driver booster. It is sort of complex, because you have to load the drivers on some sort of separate media and then install them to your hard drive. I've been doing that since about 10 o'clock last night. I do have my sound back, but it's like peeling an onion. Do you know what I mean? When you peel and onion, you just find another skin underneath the one you just peeled off. It becomes a long process. I ended up buying another download that corrects problems in the registry. Even though this is a new, fresh scan of XP, I was told I had over 5000 errors. See what I mean, computer purgatory. I'm not say computer hell, as I think I can get everything fixed. It is certainly given me something to work on this weekend. Other than that, how was your weekend? How 'bout a little Billy Joe Shaver on a Sunday afternoon?

Between computer glitches, my neighbor getting upset with me, cleaning out the dregs of this house, I have been working on my new website. This is the one I'm building, to help me sell my house. I went through a big rigmarole with Go I solved that pretty easily. I simply started a new blog, bought a new custom domain through blogger, and it's up and on the world wide web. I'm not quite ready to reveal it, yet. It's still pretty simple, and I want to do a bit more work on before we go public. In a previous comment, I have promised a Blues post, and a rockabilly post. Here's just a little taste of rockabilly.....

 It's like big daddy is teaching
 all the little birds how
 to catch rockabilly worm!!

If things are going good for you, I hope they continue to go good. If things aren't going quite so good for you, I pray that that changes this instant. Well, I have to go install some more drivers. Talk to you later.



  1. Well, I really hate to tell ya this, but the links you posted of songs ain't working for us out here in LA LA land.

  2. Strike that,, NOW they are. Don't know what that was all about.

  3. Feeling your pain, as I box up my tower to send away for repairs. Total spent so far: $195. Next phase, $140. Not counting shipping! Makes me want to retire from this computerized workplace!

    So glad you have the smarts to do what you are doing!

  4. I just got my HP laptop back from Best Buy. In its absence I had to resort to the POS Dell. Now its going to the fixit shop. I spilt coffee on the HP, with the help of a cat, they put a new hard drive in and a new keyboard in. Good thing I got that insurance. We live and die by these things, sometimes ya can't live with them but then you can't live without them either. Good thing you got the smarts to fix your own.

  5. Michael, I might recommended AVG Security Suite. I was in the computer business for 11 years and this one has always done the job for me. Computers are God's way of making us humble.

  6. I'm feeling ya! The last virus i got was the infamous java trojan. it came inthe form of what appeared to be a normal update. It was hell. I don't allow anything to update on my computers any more. I get notificatin there's an update, then I go to the website and update directly from there.

    Good luck!
    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  7. Well that would be computer HELL for me !! I'd likely just go buy a new one.

  8. Yup it would be all over the floor and ground outside the window, and off to buy a new one. Good luck Michael.
    I was trying to download pictures to my blog for almost 2 hrs even though I think it was blogger problem I was ready to scream so I just went off to other things. Then the pics down loaded in all the wrong line up. OH well.

  9. Thank you all so much for caring. I do know how to fix some computer things, but I know just enough to get me in trouble, too. But, I got it done and it ended up costing about $170. John, I also put on AVG Security Suite, so maybe I won't get into that spot again.

  10. Glad you are getting it all fixed up, buddy! These modern marvels can sure be a pain in the backside sometimes!

    Still, I don't know how I would function without one!

  11. I understood everything up to the time you said "virus." Luckily viruses are still not very interested in Macs, and luckily my wife is a computer guru her own bad self.


  12. Roxanne~I have never used a Mac. Where were you gurus when I needed you?