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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Entirely Esoteric. From the Discerning Point of View.

I think today's post is going to tend to be a little esoteric. Not eclectic, esoteric. What I'm trying to say is, things are moving along with exactly how they are supposed to. I expect the moving company to come and give me a bid this afternoon. My target expected bid is $300. I would go up a little more than that, for I don't want to move couches and chests down a flight of stairs. No, I'm not lazy. (Well maybe a little). There are just some things that a young man can do better than a 60+-year-old. Which brings to mind the motto, "Old-age is Not for Sissies". Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining (nor am I bragging). I know I could probably do it, with a little help from the guys that hang out on the "I want a job" street corner, but I would suffer from the strenuous lifting and contorting for several days. Most of you that read my work are probably in the same boat. Remember, with age comes wisdom.(we hope!) Here's a video from an old guy, actually part of my rockabilly essay.....

It feels like I got my computer fixed. Everything seems to be perking along as it should. I'm asking you, can't these modern wonders call computers be a real pain in the butt?  But like Hermit Jim said, "I couldn't imagine being without a computer." As some of you might know, one of my favorites for breakfast is biscuits and gravy and Wright's bacon. I called my Harley and camping buddy, TR. I asked him if he ever made biscuits from scratch. He said "Yes I have, but it'd been a long time." Back when I lived in the mountains, outside of Santa Fe, we got into making sourdough culture. I don't know why I lost interest in it, because I had a really good culture going. I found this video this morning and it gave me inspiration for my new project. Watch this....

Next time I go to Walmart, I'll get all the necessary ingredients, and make up a batch of sourdough, buttermilk biscuits. I'll let you know how they turn out. How's the weather where you are? I tell you how it is in West Texas, Hot and Dry! No doubt about it, summer is here. Here's a couple of inspiring summer videos....

Watch it all....funny!

Actually pretty funny.
The Beach Boys tried a lawsuit
but lost.

Gretchen has her a
little 6-pack going on

Thank you, each and every one of you, for stopping by. It is my wish for you that the rest of your day goes absolutely perfect.



  1. Michael... your posts are now showing up as new posts on my blog. You must have fixed the problem... whether you know it or not ;-)

    The weather here is pretty much like yours... hot, hot, hot. Just got back from the beach as it is too hot to enjoy it.

  2. Here in the DFW metro mess ain't seen 100 F yet, but it ain't far off I betcha!!

  3. I love me some buttermilk biscuits, but sourdough? Now I'm searching for a recipe, even though I'm not eating things that are white.

    I'm glad to hear your computer is up and running!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  4. Gypsy~I read your post today. If you had insurance, cool. If not, I'm with you...Those Bastards!!!

    Ben~It's coming. Still no rain here.

    Cyndi~When we made it in the 70's, stone-ground unbleached. They sound good, huh?

  5. Enjoyed the biscuit video. I am still learning !

    The weather here is unseasonably cool. It's 82 right now (5:30 PM), and the average for this day is ten degrees hotter than that. So, we are blessed.

    And YOU are blessed to be able to hire help! What if you couldn't, and had to do it alone? You aren't a sissy, you are blessed.

  6. Thank you Kris. Yes, I am blessed. I really want to do the biscuit thing. Going to Wally soon.

  7. Michael you make me laugh. Good luck with the movers.