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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hot and Hungry?

In a continuing effort to shamelessly self promote my musical conquests, I have posted mostly vids of musicians that I have known or worked for, I felt that this one fit right in. In my first musical job (circa 1971) at the Celebration of Life festival in Louisiana (click), I was a stagehand. As a youngster of 21, it didn't get any better. I was asked to assist John Sebastian. He was no longer part of the Loving Spoonful, but had a great band and was a nice guy. I even got to bring his auto-harp out to him when he was ready to play it. Great memories for me. Here is an apropos Spoonful hit...

What made this so apropos? The part about hot and the back of my neck getting dirt and gritty. Here are two photos of the past weekend.


The heat has been miserable here. I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir, right? I have been working on the house and making a little progress. I have kind of bogged down on cleaning out the boat stall. The only place I have to put the nasty refuge is in my roll-away trash dumpster. I filled it up about 2/3 full this morning and then had to get my neighbor to help me roll it back out. Waterlogged gunk weighs a lot. I hope the truck can pick it up in the morning and then I will fill it again. I feel like I'm trudging my way towards my happy destiny. Heavy on the trudging part.

Here is one of my best crock pot stew recipes. It's very simple and very good. My sweet Mary had a bowl last night and said it was my best stew, ever, and named it Red Hot Stew. Of course, I feed her on a regular basis and I'm sure she knows not to p/o the cook. She tried 'Meals on Wheels' and did not like the food, so I took over. Since she lives across the street, she calls it 'treats on feet'. She is a clever lady, and very appreciative. For a long time, I helped an outfit that feeds the homeless. I was not stretch to feed my dear friend. The only variable on this recipe is the braising of the meat. Coat the stew meat with olive oil and braise in the oven at 400 for about 20 min. The rest of the recipe is self explanatory. Your ingredients may vary.

cook on high for 3 hours
absolutely delicious 
Thanks a whole bunch for reading this. I hope you will come back soon.


back in 1933, living in the dust
was killing me



  1. I enjoyed the film "Bound For Glory" and feel that it is an excellent biography of Woody Guthrie. Thanks for posting the video.

  2. Man, talk about bringing back memories. And the stew looked so good. I just may have to show up at your place for dinner sometime.

  3. Gypsy~really fit the weather we have been having, didn't it? I saw he son Arlo a few times.

    Jim and Sandy~just wait 'til I get my wheeled home and we will do that.

  4. That sure looked good but turning on the oven in the tin can cabin ain't happenin. It was 93 here today and felt like 193 in here. Home Depot here I come its a/c time. I kept telling myself hey its 109 in Tucson. It didn't help.

  5. JoJo~ but it's a dry heat, right? Yes, go get 'cha some a/c. When I lived in the Baked Apple(Tucson), I would tell my Texas friends that it was a different kind of hot...not just hot, but Damn hot!

  6. Could you fire up the flux capacitor and send me some supper? That looks phenomenal.

    Oh,man. The Lovin' Spoonful. What great music. I will never forget the unbelievable connection I made with that song in, I wanna say 1966? Our part of California gets incredibly hot in the summer (digital thermometer registered 109.3 on my patio this afternoon), and like any young teenage girl, I just KNEW that the band knew ME personally...because it was so hot here. Oh well, it made perfect sense back then !

  7. Kris~Okay, I'll do it if you'll flux me back.

  8. I'm finally catching up here. Loving the flash backs!

    We'll have to share a meal out there somewhere. You bring the stew and I'll make frybread!
    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  9. Cyndi~thanks for you being you. I can't wait for dinner with you.