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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I've Had a Major (computer) Illness!!

Happy Thursday everyone, did you miss me? I'll admit it, I've missed you. Remember a while back when I said I was in computer purgatory? This week, it upgraded itself to computer Hell. My fairly new HP lap top (three years old), decided it was going to malfunction. The right side of the screen flickered a few times, and then went black. After a trip to the computeroligist, and the application of many dollars, Little big HP is running again. The repair of, that was supposed to take 24 hours, ended up being six days. What a PITA, (pain in the ass).(Can I say that here?). The computer doctors suggested I put it up on craigslist and sell it, immediately. I'm not quite ready to crank out another thousand dollars, so, we will see how it does. I have received several e-mails about why I haven't posted. Now you know, it was due to illness. Don't you just hate sick computers? The bad part is that my software was corrupted and I spent nine hours yesterday, trying to restore to a point that I can work with it.

In a continuing effort to share some of the musical highlights of my life, I offer this next vid. It is by my friend, John Sprott. Here he is doing his version of "Sleepwalk". John is very much a master guitar player. See if you don't agree....

I have done a lot of work on my house this week. I still need to move out the furniture and actually put up my for sale signs. This is the final step in my transition to full-time RVer. I got my banners in, both of them. Here is what they look like. That is my real phone number, so don't call unless you're interested in buying this lakefront house, okay? The rest of this week, I have several nagging projects that must be taken care of, before I advertise my house in the local papers.

Is it hot where you are? We have set several records, for the heat, so far this summer. Both of our major firework shows have been called off, due to fire risk. Fireworks had been banned county-wide. This is the first time I remember it ever happening. Of course, we have had no rain since October 2010. What do we need? We need some of this right here......



I am having a bit of a problem restoring my photos. There are almost 3000 of them that don't want to load. Here are a few that were left on my camera.



 Street view of my house

 Trumpet vine

Blue...1/2 Husky 1/2 Chow
One hairy fellow!

I would like to express my gratitude to those that wondered where the heck I had gone. That really makes me feel good. I'm very proud of the family we have here. My dream is still alive in my heart, and I proceed with confidence that it is going to materialize. I have to tell you, though, patience is not one of my strong virtues. I read of my fellow RVers in their travels, and it seems as if I am consumed by RV envy. I do know that I will get there, it's only a mixture of time, desire, dollars, and a new stepping out of my faith. Anybody want to buy a lakeside house? I know you're out there.



  1. Oh! How relate to your computer hell. And now I'm noticing possible signs of imminent failure on my 7 year old HP laptop. I'm backing up everything on a daily basis.

    I can totally relate to RV envy, too.

    The temperatures in dirtvile have been hovering around 105. we're at 4000 feet and normally 102 is a hot day.

    Can I just say I love checking in and seeing what great tunes you have in store for us!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  2. So glad you are back amongst us again. I go crazy when I don't have the computer going. So if I disappear into the wilds of no signal, you know it's because my hubby wants to fish and I love him. Love the tunes. And the house will sell - hang in there.

  3. I wondered what was happening. I guess it could be worse...better computer illness than personal illness. I swear the next computer I buy will be the one with the least of everything and just go from there...they are too expensive to keep repairing...kind of like ink cartriges...One step at a time..sell the house...then good to go...

  4. Dang computers!!! Especially the brand you have now which is almost identical to my main one now. And I will never buy another HP.

    I still got my Dell Laptop sitting here, maybe I should attempt to copy everything to it even though they are different OS. XP Pro on the Dell and Win 7 Pro on this one?

    Decisions Decisions :-) .

  5. Didn't worry too much about you, just thought that you were in negociation selling your house. Any bites yet?

  6. Cyndi~thank you. See what I said about family?

    Sandie~ I wouldn't mind a self imposed absence, not because of equipment failure. Drats!!!

    Sheryl~Yes! I think you get it!

    Ben~ I had a lot stronger language, but I don't think it would have helped. Thanks. The computer dr. said to get a Toshiba.

    Diz~ I have had 2 lowballers. They are not welcome.

  7. I'm on my 2nd HP laptop and have had no problems with them... yet. Glad you're back up and running. Good luck with the sale of your house. I'm still waiting on a closing date for my property.

  8. Michael...glad you're back from Hell! It's never a fun trip. Thank you for the Marty Robbins. His voice reminds me of childhood summer evenings and my folks listening to their vinyl records on their old hi-fi. =) Thanks for the smile!

  9. Kitty~ thank you. Marty was really in a class by himself. Hell is never a fun place, is it?

  10. Gypsy~the end is in sight? I hope so!

  11. Og good, you're NOT dead in a ditch, nor have you fallen off your roof and are suffering on the ground because no one checked on you. You did not go dancing and have a heart attack, there was no tornado that swept you away, and you did not acquire Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever nor are you tied up in an outbuilding after an armed intruder cleaned you out.

    It was just computer problems. Whew.

    :::In a stern tone:::

    Don't they have public libraries in your neck of the woods??? With public computer access???? You didn't call, you didn't write, how were we supposed to know you were okay? We were worried sick.

    Kids these days.

    (Can't sign in to my blog for some reason. So -- guess who !!!)

  12. Someone's mother... LOL It's Kris. I have no idea what is wrong with my blogger, but I can't comment as me. Every time I try, it takes me back to the sign in page, even if I have signed in ten times already. Oh got the point, which was all that mattered!!! LOL

  13. Kris~didn't that happen before? Check your settings. I knew it wasn't mother 'cause there isn't internet in Heaven...yet!

  14. Thanks for the idea. I went to the help discussion boards and found that if I signed out, unremarkable-ticked the "Keep me signed in" box on re-signing in, then I would stay sined in. Doesn't make a lick of sense, but it worked.

  15. un turns into unremarkable because I have a special auto complete on my work computer. Sorry.

  16. I suggest you invest in a $300 netbook. I have 2, but I'm a geek. One is an Asus and one a HP. I can tell a difference, but the specs are almost identical. Netbooks are good to get online, do video calling (keeps me sane here in Honduras) and other lite type things. They are not high horsepower. For $300 you can stay online if your main computer gets sick. Just keep everything backed up to external drives and these issues would not be an problem. Use an imaging software such as Ghost and pull an image on a regular basis. If you get a virus or something just doesn't seem right with the software, blow it away and restore the last image. That has saved me a couple of times. And this advice didn't even cost you anything, other than maybe a beverage if/when we share a campfire sometime in the future. :)

  17. Shadow~Two problems this time....hardware and software. I bet we have a campfire in our future.

  18. Glad to see you back. Has some problems too. I had a black screen, no sound nada. So I went to happy hour to lift my spirits and was told to pull the battery out. It took some work just to get it to shut down. Pulled our the battery cleaned it up some and Walla fixed. Then I couldn't comment or even add anything to my blog. I remembered some one saying they down loaded google chrome. Sooo I downd loaded that and nothing. In e=mailed the Hermit and he said shut it down. DAH again WALLA here I am. But I really better start backing up stuff mostly my photos hate to lose the new ones.
    Hope can stay afloat for awhile.

  19. JoJo~I do have a love/hate thing with my computers. I have had good luck with google chrome. Oh course, we bikers love chrome!

    Bob~thanks. Now, let's cross our fingers for a house sale, right?