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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NOT! my day...

I guess I'm on a roll. Snake eyes, that is. Have you seen the Traveler's Insurance commercial where the dog is so troubled over his bone? He buries it, digs it up, puts it in a safety deposit box, and sings the trouble song over and over? I can relate. It's not serious life or safety affecting stuff. My 3 year old laptop went to the doctor today. The Computeroligist told me that it has a common problem. My inverter is bad. His advice was to patch it up and sell it. I told him I really couldn't do that. His answer, "suit yourself". I guess I will let him repair it and then transfer the files to a new one. No big deal. Well, it is inconvenient. This is being written on my old desktop and I can really tell the difference.

The other problem in on my right side, lower molar. I went to the dentist and was told he could try to fix it, but no guarantees. Yes, those exact words... no guarantees. I couldn't believe it. I am looking to get it 'extracted'. I hate that word. I have yet to have an extraction. I am not afraid, for I have a high pain tolerance. I just hope I don't have trouble chewing and such. So as you can tell, two of my favorite things are affected..writing and eating. This sure puts me in a blues mood. I have met and talked with most of my Blues Heroes. Here are just a few....

Master of the Telecaster

The Texas Cannonball
I saw him 6 times in!

With my buddies, Tommy and Chris 
(Double Trouble)

C B Stubblefield (Stubb's Barbecue)
introduced me to this great man

Local buddy Dangerous Danny Ernest

Okay, I'm going to quit complaining, before I get hit with some real trouble. This is the sort of thing I call real trouble. Click Here and Here. My heartfelt wish for all of you is that your troubles are few and small, and that your blessings are many and LARGE.


Another song about trouble..
(not blues)
Goose Creek Symphony
(bet Bob knows who they are)


  1. Hang in there Michael. it will all turn out for the best.
    I use a lap top when I travel and I really don't like it. I bought a small mouse as I never could get used to this thing and I am always hitting something that deletes what I am doing.:( I considered buying a desk top for my mountain place but haven't done that yet. I am an HP person I don't know if a different brand would matter as for the lap top I just don't like them.

  2. JoJo~It's just so darn irritating. One piece of good news though, I get to get a new computer. So, I'll just enjoy it with a glass of lemonade.

  3. I'm with you about the dentist. They are the lieingest bunch I ever ran across. They tell you,this won't hurt!!! BS it hurts like hell AH!! I finally found a Doc that just flat ass put me to sleep for the procedure,,ask for it. One simple IV and you wake up all fixed.

  4. I love it when I have to purchase a new computer. My last one came with a program that I had never seen before for editing photos. It's all about making lemonade isn't it Michael?

  5. Yes Gypsy, I may get a couple of gallons of it this week.

  6. Thanks for the awesome music! Hope that ol' tooth gets taken care of, Friend!

  7. Thanks Kitty. Oh, I am going to take care of that ol' tooth. Wonder if the tooth-fairy buys vintage toofers?

  8. Though it took me a couple of times watching that commercial to figure it out I love it! Kind of reminds me of what is going on now a days...everyone just trying to hang on to what we's not lot a lot but it's all we got!... Some days it's hard to keep an eye on all your bones! That's why we all want to simplify, I'm thinking.

  9. It's weird, I find myself singing that worry song and laughing at my troublesome little problems. It really is true, misery loves company.(but joy loves company, too!)

  10. You know I don't like the blues! I love insider jokes! :)) I loves ya, my brother!

  11. You didn't like the Freddie King, either? You do good for someone who doesn't like the blues, cause I know you LOVE the blues.

  12. Nothing makes me feel better than an ear,heart and soulful of blues! Adding more to my playlist!

    Hope things are better, now!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After