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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stuff just gets Harder!!

You know how when we were much younger and we thought life was going to get easier as we aged? That sure was a big, fat lie. I am once again in computer HELL. The computer that I use for my blog, an HP, late model laptop, has died. If the repair guy can get the monitor to fire back up, it may live again. I went to the dentist yesterday. I thought it was strange for a dentist to be open on Saturday, but I knew I needed to go. It turns out I was right. He wanted to do an extraction (pull out my molar!) on the spot. I insisted on some 'let me think about this' time. Could be it is inevitable. I will get a second opinion on Monday. I'm not afraid or anything like that. It's just that I am fond of my teeth. This is just a wake-up call for mortality. 

My dad passed to Heaven about 25 years ago. I have realized that the older I get, the smarter he has become. I would rebel at some of his teachings and tell him that he was just old-fashioned. I have learned that true wisdom is ageless. 

To all, I wish an absolutely fabulous Sunday!! 


photo I took last night


  1. Aging ain't for sissies! What a cool you...or anyone out there in the interwebs...know what plant it is? Thank you for's beautiful!

  2. Is that a trumpet vine? They grow wild all over my place, dropping their orange flowers and replacing them with more.

  3. Kitty, Dizzy is right. It is a trumpet vine. My sweet Mary (78 yr old) takes care of my dogs when I go on trips, told me she calls them "Lady-fingers". She says she puts them on her fingers, even now, like when she was a little girl.

  4. I forgot that I love that song. My dad passed to my basement bay last May (I'm not speaking metaphorically).


  5. I can relate to what you are saying about rebeling. I lost my dad 3 Father's Day ago I sure miss that man.
    BTW Happy Father's Day.
    Nice picture too

  6. Appropriate video, much better than say ..
    Cats In The Cradle by Chapin.

  7. If it's not one thing it's your mother! I'm starting to think the computer is about 75% of all of our stress...much easier to read a book like I used to.

  8. Thanks JoJo. I appreciate your kind words.

    Bob~I didn't even consider Harry Chapin.

    Sheryl~I have a love/hate thing going with my computers. I liked your Father's Day post!