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Monday, July 4, 2011

10 on the 4th.

  1. Congress can't make any law about your religion, or stop you from practicing your religion, or keep you from saying whatever you want, or publishing whatever you want (like in a newspaper or a book). And Congress can't stop you from meeting peacefully for a demonstration to ask the government to change something.
  2. Congress can't stop people from having and carrying weapons, because we need to be able to defend ourselves.
  3. You don't have to let soldiers live in your house, except if there is a war, and even then only if Congress has passed a law about it.
  4. Nobody can search your body, or your house, or your papers and things, unless they can prove to a judge that they have a good reason to think you have committed a crime.
  5. You can't be tried for any serious crime without a Grand Jury meeting first to decide whether there's enough evidence for a trial. And if the jury decides you are innocent, the government can't try again with another jury. You don't have to say anything at your trial. You can't be killed, or put in jail, or fined, unless you were convicted of a crime by a jury. And the government can't take your house or your farm or anything that is yours, unless the government pays for it.
  6. If you're arrested, you have a right to have your trial pretty soon, and the government can't keep you in jail without trying you. The trial has to be public, so everyone knows what is happening. The case has to be decided by a jury of ordinary people from your area. You have the right to know what you are accused of, to see and hear the people who are witnesses against you, to have the government help you get witnesses on your side, and you have the right to a lawyer to help you.
  7. You also have the right to a jury when it is a civil case (a law case between two people rather than between you and the government).
  8. The government can't make you pay more than is reasonable in bail or in fines, and the government can't order you to have cruel or unusual punishments (like torture) even if you are convicted of a crime.
  9. Just because these rights are listed in the Constitution doesn't mean that you don't have other rights too.
  10. Anything that the Constitution doesn't say that Congress can do should be left up to the states, or to the people.
Just in case you had forgotten. This is the kid’s version from I have strong feelings about several of those rights. Here is my take on #2….

I got a little carried away with the Kid Rock, but it's not all about rights, and survival. You have to have love. I thought the message was good, and in a whole lot of ways,  that's what modern love has evolved into. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Perhaps it's better to enter into those type of situations with the blush of innocence bashed away.

Tomorrow starts another work week, around here. It will be time for me to try and get the ball rolling, again. I hope you had a happy and safe holiday and all is well. Thank you for taking the time to stop by here. I sincerely appreciate it. Happy Independence Day!


ps... If you're not offended by swear words, here's one more. It's pretty rank in some parts, so be careful now…

                            Kid Rock....Amen.


  1. Happy 4th Michael. A great reminder of the freedoms we enjoy and should cherish every day.

  2. Sandie~you are so nice,(and smart, too). Thank you.

  3. great music for today Michael. Hope your day was good.
    Got to get that house done so you can hit the road I'd help but to far away so I can just be a cheer leader from the blog world, :)

  4. I totally copied and pasted this version of the Bill of Rights to my Facebook. Pretty sure everyone will understand them.

  5. I keep a copy of the Constitution on my droid, just in case. It was a free app. Back to work ... damm!

  6. What ever happened to #4? That is why I will not fly anymore. I will not take my boots off for anyone. . . And check points along the roads where they x-ray you and the vehicle?

  7. Another great post, Michael! And the videos are a perfect compliment. I'd never heard Kid Rock's "Amen." It resonated within. Thanks.

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  8. JoJo~Thank you! I think you would help. The cheering goes a long way!

    Kris~I really liked the kid's version.

    Bob~Three words...sell that house!(directed at me, too)

    Diz~I only fly in an emergency!!My last girl worked for TSA. She hated her job.

    Cyndi~I wasn't a big Kid fan until 5 years ago. I will dedicate a post soon. Thank you. :)

  9. When you see our rights so simply written you realize how much has been so slowly eroded away...all under Homeland Security. I often think the next genereation will never know being able to walk into a store without being on video camera..will never know not being able to get on an airplane without being searched and to get on a bus and asked to show id after all is boarded..this happened to my sister in Calif. Are we really safer...I don't think so. Most people don't know that if you ask a police officer into your house (if he is there to ask questions for some reason) you have given up all your rights to search...

  10. Sheryl~I'm glad I'm not the only one who has noticed that we are not giving up our freedom, it's being stolen, a piece at a time. Simply put. btw, I am enjoying your trailer project!