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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Got Snakes? or Skunks? Me Too!

Hello everyone. I hope you are blessed with a productive and uplifting Sunday. This week has been rather mundane for me. It seems like all I do is purge, reorganize, and prepare. I'll be really honest with you, this transitioning to the full-time RV lifestyle is not only a lot of work, it can become a soul-searching, spiritual exercise. One of the things that has kind of gotten to me is when I found my mom's old family Bible. Mother has been gone for 14 years, and I miss her. The soul-searching part, with the Bible, is all of the funeral flyers that mom had a habit of keeping in her Bible. Wow, I had forgotten I knew so many dead people. It was almost macabre to look at the list. I promise this isn't going to be a downer post, so have a listen to this. Here's the uplifting that I needed......

I think that is one of the most uplifting things I have seen in a long time.
Did you read my last post about guns and the Second Amendment? I have one more video on gun control, gun safety, and smartass husbands playing pranks on their wives. Although I wouldn't want to be the brunt of this joke, I laugh out loud every time I watch this video....


I want to show you some photographs. These were taken by my friend, and it always makes me laugh out loud. She was elected by her cats (she has dozens that depend upon her) to be the "Cat Lady" of her neighborhood. She has a pet door that she leaves open to feed all her feline wards. As you can see, there is an imposter in their midst. 

Just a couple more chuckles and I will consider my work done for the day. I think most people are just as afraid of skunks as they are of snakes. What do you think?


In closing, I will show you some snake pictures. I took the following pictures and I think they are about as creepy as anyone could imagine. These were taken in the public restroom of the water district I worked for........

I will continue working on my new job, this week. My whole job focus will be on getting this house ready to sell. I have my dream firmly in mind, and I will get it done. I have a secret weapon that will help me sell my house in these dire economic times. FAITH!!

Once again, thank you for stopping by. I have to admit, sometimes your comments are all that keep me going.



  1. I typed a long comment about unwelcome guests at the pet food bowl, and decided to turn it into a post on my blog. So, to read it you will have to go there now. :)

  2. The only time I was afraid of skunks was winter time in New england. I wasn't really afraid of the skunks. I was more afraid I was going to have to deskunk my dogs in -0 weather (yet, again) ha! that prank video is great. I'll be sharing that one, for sure.

    I'm definitely doing some soul searching and walking down memory lane as I get rid of even more stuff. I've got a pile about 4 feet high of stuff I absolutely have to force myself to dump but am not ready to, just yet.

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  3. HAHAhaaaaa... loved the videos... haven't seen ol Pepe in eons... Hahaaaaa...

    The How Great Thou Art video was just what I needed this morning! ... Then sings my soul... ahhhh

    thanks for posting these... ;)

  4. Michael, I snorted through my nose at the skunk video!! Oh, thank you! I haven't belly laughed like that in quite a while, and it was much needed. I hear ya about how 'challenging' this whole getting out there is. I wish I could blink and it would be all done, but I know we will look back on this time fondly....some day! I'm with you on the sale of your house, too. God has shown us He is with us throughout this entire process, so we know the sale will be smooth sailing. I know yours will be, too. Thanks again for the laughs, Dear Friend!

  5. Michael, I almost didn't read your post because the word "snakes" just freaks me out. But I sure am glad I got brave because I just cracked up. Thanks for the fun. And Faith definitely is the right answer.

  6. I wish my dogs were scared of skunks. The last two both killed one in the back yard.
    What kind of snake was that? I'm another fan of Pepe Le Pew.

  7. Never seen a snake in the commode, BUT out on the hunting ranches you ALWAYS beat on the walls before you enter the outhouse!!

    Sorry, Any skunks show up around here, my 12 GA takes care of them. Don't like the disease ridden vermin.
    They are NOT cute kittens!! !

  8. I loved the video of Pepe sure wish they still had those cartoons on. To bad the wife dropped the gun to bad she didn't cap is butt instead.
    Working through our mom's or dad's treasures are very hard. but it must be done. At least the bible is small enough to take along.
    Keep your head held hi.

  9. Sometimes working toward our dreams is a lot of work and soul searching..which is why most people don't do it...hang in there.

  10. I get the occasional skunk trying to get into the chicken house, the occasional snake with bulges of hen eggs all along the length of the body from having robbed the nesting boxes, but my plague is coons.

    I suppose I prefer them to skunks, given the alternatives.

  11. You guys are the best! Really.

    Shadowmoss~ Yep, read it. Racoons are a pest I have dealt with.

    Cyndi~Thank you. Dump that stuff. My motto has become 'toss before you can think about it'.

    Carolyn~ How about that Vince Gill?

    Kitty~Yep, He is helping all the way. I can hardly wait, I love a happy ending!

    Thank you Sandie, You are such a nice person.

    Bob~It was a coachwhip. After we expedited him, I learned he was harmless. The girls didn't like going back in that bathroom.

    Ben~It wouldn't be a pet around here.

    Thank you JoJo~ That's good advice. I guess I'll take it. :)

    Thanks Sheryl~I need support sometimes, but I know the rewards are going to be awesome.

    Old Jules~E-mail me and I will tell you how I get rid of those 'coons.

    Thanks again everyone!

  12. We had our kids asleep in our pop up one time up in the Adirondacks while we sat out and enjoyed a fire late one night. Rich looked at me and said, "Don't make any sudden moves." I looked where he was looking over to the trailer--huge skunk right under it. Boy were those kids in for a surprise if we hadn't gotten lucky when he wandered away.

    A couple of years ago, at Hunting Island, I opened my trailer door and there was a nasty racoon right on the step ready to come in--my two pups were right on the bed by the door. Lizzie stayed put, but Jack jumped, pushed by me and that raccoon took off like a bat out of you know where. Jack was right on him as I screamed loud enough to wake the dead. He treed it and I got hold of him. The ranger said they come out when the tide is low, and since it's a preserve they don't "fool with mother nature". There was a little deer that visited, too, and the poor thing was covered in ticks. Still, the ranger said they don't try to help them. Seemed sad to me.

  13. Have you seen the video of " The Coyote Catches the Roadrunner" ? One of my favs. Have a great week..