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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Progress is Being Made....Finally!

Today has been busy, traumatic, semi-satisfying, and having a happy ending type day. I did the right thing this morning, got up early and got with it. Today was moving day. I went to the corner where you can usually find some workers. I did the same thing yesterday, but it was a little later in the day and no one was there. What? Have they all gone to work? I was determined for that not to happen again. I drove downtown, and to my amazement, no workers. I finally asked a lady that was coming out of the building on the corner, and was told that management had run them all off. "Where did they go?" I asked her. "I don't know and I don't care." was her reply. I was determined to get something done with all the furniture that needs to be moved. Down the street, on the edge of the City Park, I saw a large gathering of men. Maybe that's them, I thought. When I pulled up, I was rushed by 30 guys. "Backup fellows, don't crowd me" I said. "I only need two strong men." After looking them all over, I picked two of them and took them in the car with me. We drove about 25 min. to my house, at the lake. I explained to them what I wanted them to do. For the next two hours, all of us sweated and worked.

!st of seven couches
Why the heck did I have
so many?

After the first load, we set by my fireplace and took a break. That was when I had my traumatic experience. Somehow or another, Toby jumped off the fireplace and hurt himself. He started screaming. I picked him up and tried to examine him, and he went into a little seizure. If you knew me, you would know I am very much concerned about the welfare of my dogs. I told my two big boys, come on-you're going with me. My vet is located about 20 min. from here. We made it in 10. About halfway there, I could tell he was improving. Of course, I had him snuggled against my chest and was holding him, between my arm and my chest. I had him immobilized. We got to the vet and were seen, immediately. The vet decided he had sprained his back. He got a shot for pain and a Provo and distemper shot. I will take him in the morning and get him another pain shot.(steroids). What a relief that he wasn't hurt any worse. We got back to the house and started loading the trailer again. After five hours, I took the guys back to town and paid them. I still have some more to do, but I know where the workers hang out now, and I'm well over 70% done with the moving. It won't be long and my house will be on the market. YES!!!!

Toby looks better and
the den is empty!
Yep, all better.

It was another scorcher here today, 105°. That's all right. I got my work done and now I'm sitting in what is left of my living room, having iced tea and thinking about how long it will be until I make My Great Escape. My hope is that wherever you are, it is somewhere that you want to be, and you are enjoying yourself. Oh, anyone need some great used furniture? I can describe it to's HEAVY!


This is great! Listen to all of it!
Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page


  1. I am so happy to hear that Toby is feeling so much better. It's so scary when one of our little ones get hurt. I just fall apart. Okay - 7 couches? I still can't get past that one. Glad you're almost done cleaning out.

  2. To tell you the truth, I need furniture bad but you'll a little too far away.
    Don't you think those workers are the best? I've really had them do a great job in the past.
    I'm glad your dog is okay. That must have been scary.

  3. Glad Toby is okay. I know our Maggie has given us a couple of scares with insignificant injuries but boy can she SCREAM! We wonder if she has a bit of Drama Queen in her. :) Sounds like you're making great progress. Disposing of furniture is major! Keep up the good work, hang in there and have fun with it!

  4. Thank goodness Toby is ok! I bet it feels good to have accomplished so much, today! I like that I don't "hear" any second guessing..

    My plan for the music is about the same as yours, I just keep putting the transfer off...


  5. I knew you could get that place empty.
    Good job and those guys did a great job helping Iam sure.
    AH why was Tobi on the fire place? Glad he is going OK

  6. Whew!!! Was worried bout Toby,, glad that worked out OK.

    It looking at your pictures and reading about moving out the remains from you house I was reminded of a bit George Carlin did on just that subject..
    Too much STUFF

  7. Cyndi~I also love SiriusXM radio, especially Outlaw Country. They play what I like.

    JoJo~ the hearth of the fireplace is only 18 inches tall and he jumped up on that. I don't know how he got hurt, but he did. I think maybe Blue stepped on him. I don't know, but it really scared me. He seems just fine, now.

  8. I'm so glad Toby is okay, Michael. Seizures are very, very scary events. Lizzie, my black lab, had one when I was camped deep in the woods of Virginia--talk about panic. Thank goodness I was camping with wonderful friends because I was useless, and I was fortunate that it was a one time deal.

    Glad you are moving along in your plans.

  9. Thanks Ben and hobopals~only animal lovers would help me feel my pain.

  10. Our poor little fur babies... what would they do without us? You're a good Papa.

  11. OH OK I am glad he is OK poor little baby. I hate to see an animal in pain. I just go me a wiennie dog and he is always under my feet. Scares me to death to think I might step on him and break something