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Friday, July 29, 2011

TT and the O (this, that and the other)

Hello my friends. How is everyone today? I'm having some problems with my Internet connection, so I'm doing an experiment, of sorts.  I am writing this without the convenience of an Internet connection, and will going find some free Wi-Fi, and will post by way of Live Writer. I will look at this as practice, for when I'm out there boon-docking. I am up for a little bit of experimenting today. Isn't this what you do, when you don't have a connection?

I had a bit of encouragement, yesterday. As you all may remember, I am in the process of purging out my possessions and getting my house ready to sell. My house is on the waterside, and I don't expect too much of a problem in finding a buyer. Right down the street from me, is another big, two-story house. I noticed it had a for sale sign. After a flush of worry and discouragement, I decided to be proactive and look up their listing. This particular house is a little smaller than mine, and they are asking well over $100,000 more. 

my house $365,000
the other house $475,000

Am I setting my sights too low? I don't think so. I would rather have a quick sale, rather than delayed around another 12 months, waiting for my place to sell. For obvious reasons, I feel like I am in a race. It does 
bother me, somewhat, that it seems like summer is coming to an end. It's hard to believe with all these 100° plus days. As you know, I have called Lubbock, Texas, home for the last one quarter century. I know it is been hot here, but didn't realize how hot, until I saw this video.......

I will do what I've always done, I will turn to the magic of music for inspiration. Did any of you seen the movie, The Harder They Come? Jimmy Cliff, a rock 'n roll Hall of Famer, made some of the most positive music I've ever heard. Try these on for size.....


Isn't he absolutely amazing? I remember going to see the movie in 1973. It wasn't even in a first run theater. The Harder They Come is now a classic movie. It speaks of the struggle with class and position in life and how one man overcame his difficulties and rises above the working and criminal class. For some reason, it reminds me of myself. Not the struggles with poverty and drugs, but the struggle to free myself of my conventional home and to get out of limbo and finally on the road. It all depends on my house sell. I am sure I'm preaching to the choir because many of you have gone through the same struggles. Right?

If you can read this now, my trip to the free WiFi was a success. I started at McDonald's but soon left for the local coffee shop. All is well and I'm caffeined-up. Back to the house to continue getting it cleaned out and put on the market. 

Thanks again for your interest and comments. They really do keep me going. I need inspiration sometimes. (don't we all?)



  1. Hang in there, Michael! You'll soon be out there, deciding, "Where shall I ride today?" Another source of internet you might look into is if you have a smartphone, some of them can be turned into wifi hotspots! Of course, you're still going to find dead zones, but it's working for us. It's only $25 extra per month on our plan. You keep US going, too, Michael! I send up a prayer for you each day, and thank you for yours. We will live through this phase! We will!! LOL!

  2. Hey Michael, I use LiveWriter all the time to create, edit and post my blogs. It is especially handy in those situations where one does not have a connection to post immediately. Sounds like you're making progress, so hang in there! Are you going to get some rain from TS Don?

  3. You're coming through loud and clear, Michael. In this housing market, sellers almost have to price low to even be in the game. The clock is ticking for you to do what you want and you don't get those ticks back. Personally, I would price low and get out from under it.

  4. Your neighbors are going to sit on that property for a long time. Keep your price low and get out. Your almost there. Up here I have wifi they call it free but for what it cost for the season it aint so free LOL

  5. Your house is beautiful! One soon day... someone will come by and snap it up! yes.

    Really liked listening to Jimmy Cliff.. I've never heard of him!... good stuff

    Waiting is the pits. I swore I would never buy another stick house... but we did.. last summer and well... so we did.

    But my plans are to travel out of Little Rock during summer and winter... not as hot as Texas but close.

    We do have Mt. Magazine -- always 10 degrees cooler on top ... beautiful. But you have to contend with the summer crowds... always something... ;)

  6. Kitty~ It does seem we are on the same course. I pray for you guys, too.

    Betty~Not 1 drop. Dang drought is putting a damper on everything.

    hobopals~Like they say, I'm peddling as fast as I can. (the poodles say hi to Jack)

    JOJO~Thank you! See you soon?(I hope)

    Carolyn~Snap it up? Yes!! Rent the movie, It's wonderful.

  7. Decide on a price that yo will be happy with and when the house sells that will be the perfect asking thing to think about...unless your buyer has cash the house will have to appraise for the asking price...I have always thought it was worth gettin an appraisal before listing..but either way you can do some actual comps of what has sold in the last six months...which is how they get an appraisal price. Hopefully, the appraisal amount will not be too shocking...but it is what it is...

  8. Jimmy Cliff is always a great listen! Most especially when one needs a little extra ... so light and breezy!

    That house is going to get snatched up faster than you can put a sign up!

    Today, blogger is letting me comment. But, only anonymously, if blogs allow anonymous

    Thanks, again, for your help!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After