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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Don’t Worry ‘bout a Thing, ‘cause Every Little Thing… Gonna be All Right!

I just can't believe it's the last day of August, 2011. Like Merle Haggard said, the years reel by like high-line poles on the highway.

 My ad has been posted in the newspaper for one week. I have shown my house three times. The first people low-balled me by $115,000. I told them thanks for looking, and I would let them know. I should've said I would let them...NO!! The second looker has low-balled me by $65,000. I will try to negotiate a more fair deal with them.(for me) . I haven't heard back from the third group of lookers. It was a couple, and their son (fresh back from Afghanistan). The papa said that mama had loved my house since 1976. I asked the mama what she thought, and she said "I have a lot of deep thinking to do."  

To tell you quite honestly, I need some sort of inspiration, or sign, or good feeling, or something. Okay, it's just like the universe said, "Here's your sign!"

Outside my window this morning!

         Just like heaven singing to me

That was pretty cool, wasn't it? I've got one more really cool video that I found. I hope you enjoy this......

Thanks y'all. One of these days soon, I know in my heart of hearts, I will be making an announcement that this house is sold! That's what I believe, at it's what I picture in my mind, and it's what I hold in my heart.

 I appreciate you being here, really!



  1. Get ready to fly, Freebird.

    I Love Playing for Change.

  2. I know it the music! Kinda 'gets the motor runnin'! I think when the couple/family that is meant to enliven your house shows up, you'll just know. Stay out of God's way and try not to interfere too much...that's always the hardest part for me. God is leading them to your door, but on His time. We're holding the picture of us riding together in our hearts!! Pirate and I can't wait for that day!

  3. T~I love it! Freebird..perfect.

    Kitty~Stop it! It's hard to type when my eyes are blurry.(wonder what that is?)

  4. It'll happen - God's timing is perfect!

  5. In my years dealing with real estate it was important to remember that the property is not really sold until you have cashed the check. Good luck and have fun.

  6. I just want to know how many fish that little guy sitting at the end of the cement wall has caught since he has been there?

  7. 3 parties looking in a week is not bad in today's market. Keep the faith Michael keep the faith. People who as for that much of a cut aren't buying a bike even. the second couple was better. but maybe don't quite have enough money. Couple 3 lookie lous, Of course I could be flat out wrong.
    But I feel you will be on the road soon too.

  8. Like my ole daddy used to say, "Can't do nothin bout the weather cept wait"

  9. Michael,

    You have a beautiful house and as they say location, location, location. Good luck on the sale and tell you buyer to stop the "deep thinking" and hand over the big bucks.

  10. Donna~Thank you. I agree.

    Barney~No chickens counted before they hatch. Got cha.

    Diz~He is very persistent but not very successful.

    JoJo~I hope you are right. Thank you.


    Jimbo~Thank you. Now get that rig runnin'.

  11. I think three people in this market is great!...I always feel like it just takes one..the right one. If nothingn else you will hear some amazing stories from people as they look at your house...I could tell you some doozies of why people don't have money...why..why..why. Towards the end I always just wanted to ask them you have any

  12. Thanks Sheryl. I have another bunch coming in about 30 minutes. Yes, it just takes one....the right one. (Hope they're on their way).

  13. Drats...I think they were lookie-loos.

  14. Trying to catch up on my blog reading. Lost track of everything during Escapade. Your house will sell but it may take awhile. Just like the motorhome we have to get rid of. It may take some time, but it will sell eventually. Just have to hang in there until it happens. And we just can't give up. So lots of prayers being said for both of us.