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Saturday, August 20, 2011

This Place Is Going To The Dogs And Birds

Hello my friends, how are you today? It's another Saturday and I cannot believe how fast this last week went by. As you may know, I live on a lakefront, sort of out in the country. Here are some pictures from the last two days. The birds have been around, in force. I find this kind of stuff fascinating. These are just a few of the pictures that I could get. Pretty cool, huh?


I have always liked birds and dogs. To be honest, I like birds, but I love dogs. There is simply a place in my heart for dogs. Right now, I own three dogs, or you could say they own me. Let me introduce you to them.....

Blue, the Husky/Chow
Toby the baby (spoiled rotten)
Cammie the Queen
(with her tormentor)
The boys!

Have you seen Wendy's song about God and dog? If you haven't, I know you'll enjoy it. If you seen it before, I'm quite sure you will enjoy it again..

Okay, here are a couple that combine two of my favorite things... birds and dogs.

Byrds singing about a dog named Blue…ironic.

Thank you my friends, I enjoy your visits more than you guess. I sincerely wish you all the best today. How about getting in touch with your inner child and playing for the rest of the day? I think me and the dogs may go chase birds.

Michael  (Amen...Bow Wow)


  1. Thanks or introducing us to your clan. In case you hadn't noticed, I am a dog lover. They bring the most beautiful joy and unconditional love into our lives.

  2. Sandie~My neighbor has always said she loves dogs more than people. I'm starting to understand.

  3. Michael, thank you for sharing GoD and DoG. Tears streaming down my face remembering my Baby-dog and sharing this video with Maggie Mae snoozing in the chair next to me. Beautiful, thanks again.

  4. Bettty~It gets to me, every time. What would we do without them?

  5. Glad to meet your management team! My connection tonight is not fast enough to view the videos but I have seen the Dog/God video many time and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. I like my dogs better than I like most people. Dog lover - ya, you betcha!

  6. Love my dog too. And the Inner child is going on a MT. Bike ride today. Just hope I don't fall off like I did last week. Ouch!

  7. Thanks Donna. Love those doggies, for sure!

    Bob~Be careful already. And thanks for the comment!

  8. Hi amigo. Nice pooches. Seems to me Fabian recorded a song, Hound Dog Man might fit into your repitoire. Smiling post. Gracias, J

  9. Thanks Jules. I try to spread a little light when I can.

  10. What a wondeful tribute to a loved dog. I have had a few dogs in my time but Fred seems to top the list. He is so sweet and just loves everyone and every dog he meets.
    Thanks Michael for sharing.

  11. I never heard the GoD/DoG song before..thanks.

  12. JoJo~Thank you. I always enjoy your visit.

    frann~This will make them wonder, but, how's the butt?

  13. We are down to three dogs now who rule our house. My wife even cooks for them. They eat better than I do. Of course I am not as cute as they are.

  14. DD~isn't it amazing how attached we get to our dogs?

  15. I've had this song on my site since the day I hear it and I never tire of hearing it. My other all time favorite dog video on my sight is "Funny", but I should have named it by it's real name, "Ultimate Dog Tease". Love it. You'll have your house sold soon, Michael, and like hobo said, you'll truly find your freedom then. Oh, how I wish I were on the road out west. Donna, if you are reading, if I died and went to heaven, I'd wind up in the northwest. ;-)

  16. Oh. how I wish I were on the road out west, TOO! Glad you are back. I just read your post so I know Jack is good.

  17. My computer must have blipped, Michael. Love your pups--one is cuter than the other. Blue, Toby, and Cammie-cute names. Do they like to travel? I didn't realize you had any pups, which surprised me--you seem like a "dog person".