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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Black Magic Woman? Yep, Right Here!

                                                                                          And that's a pretty good picture, isn't it? I had fun when I Googed "Black Magic Woman". I use Google as my search engine and I don't use any search filtering, so you can imagine the variety of pictures that came up. I guess we can call this my annual Halloween posting. 

The first time I saw Carlos Santana live was about 41 years ago. I have changed a lot! He doesn't seem to change, except for age. I really enjoy this version of this song....


To be honest, I don't have anything new to write, it seems to be the same old, same old. I am almost desperate to get this house sold so I can continue on my path of being a full-timer. I don't understand why it's taking so long. It seems like my days run together, so I'm sorry, I'm really not that patient of a man. I'm more of an action type guy. It's hard to sit around and wait for something to happen here. But, I have no choice. Drats! 


I hope everyone is exactly where they want to be.



  1. Michael, What a loving gesture towards others, your closing. Yes, everyone should be right where they want to be and, perhaps, everyone is exactly where they want to be, 'cause that's where they are.... Maybe?

    Sending good thoughts out there for you of full-timing. Think of yourself as already RV-ing....


  2. Sorry to hear your house hasn't sold. Sitting around "waiting" is never any fun. Maybe you could just go on some nice drives and do some picture taking. Pretend you are somewhere you have never been before and see things with new eyes. You might be surprised. Best wishes.

  3. It is so hard to wait patiently when we want it right now. We're still praying for your house sale and it will happen. Just like us with our motor home. I want it sold now so we aren't so strapped money wise. But it's not happening yet and it may be awhile. Just be sure and check in with us occasionally so we know you're still hanging in there with us.

  4. Sending good (Home selling) thoughts your way. I thought, though, you would be busy cleaning up from that dust storm. At least you don't get much if any snow. Stay Well! Think I'll go do a search for a black magic woman :)

  5. I too saw Carlos Santana many many years ago. That man is ageless .

    Hope your home sells soon so you can get on the road!

  6. Saw Santana in concert in - of all places - El Paso back in the early 80s. Crazy. Great concert, tho! Yes, thanks, I am exactly where I am supposed to be and happily it is also exactly where I want to be!

  7. Time gets away from us all, especially when looking forward to something!

    Hang in there, buddy!

  8. Michael, don't give up your dream of fulltiming, simply because patience is not one of your strengths. (Your words, not mine.) Economic indicators are starting to improve and new home starts showed an increase for the first time in forever. Hang in there and just continue to polish and shine the "stix & brix" to give it maximum buyer appeal, and be prepared to take advantage of opportunities that arise. We had to liquidate 37 years of "stuff" in 30 days; not exactly fun, but worth it now. See ya down the road! Take care.

  9. Can you get outta town for a weekend, or even longer? Do you have a 9-5 right now that you have to be at? Dust before you leave, and give someone the key.

  10. Let me add my hopes that your home sells and you can be on your way to the life you want to live, Michael. In the meantime, as another poster suggested, why not get away for weekends...I took a short trip up to my son's cabin and it was a welcome respite. Why not get a regional book and look for places to go to for a week or however much you are able to do? Sometimes we forget to look in our own backyard for interesting hikes and things to do and see.