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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

From Texas (with love)!

Hello, my friends. How is everyone doing today? Let me ask you this, did you ever have doubts and depression about your future, and almost immediately receive a lucid sign that everything was going to be all right? Like most everyone else, I suffer from distraction, despair, doubts, disturbing dilemmas, and occasionally......fractures of bright light in my mental landscape of possible futures that I've chosen for myself. (I know, what the heck is this guy talking about?) 

If you are still with me, in this exercise to discern 'what the heck am I to do with the rest of my life' thoughts that I have been having lately, let me tell you about my telephone call. I suppose you have noticed that I have not been prolific in my postings, lately. At least one person has. Yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call from Vernon, British Columbia, Canada. My caller ID showed me the call originated in the 250 area code. To be quite honest, I suspected a telemarketer. Usually, I don't answer such calls, but I picked the phone up and ended up having a long and lovely conversation with Robert. To my astonishment and surprise, he told me he was a fan of my blog, and asked was I okay, and wondered why I haven't posted. Thank you Robert, that was the mental/spiritual boost that I needed, and an effectual kick in the butt.(He also commented on the style of music I post.)(In a positive way).

Texas Boys.... Deluxe!

I really don't know if any of you other writers have the problem I'm having. It seems I have to have some sort of inspiration, or at least a small kernel of an idea, before I'm willing to sit down at my keyboard and write. As I told my friend in Canada, I don't have anything new to write about. I'm waiting for this lovely shackle of the house to sell. My days have been mundane and have not offered much in the way of inspiration.(Although the first half of the season finale of The Sons Of Anarchy is tonight).

 A great series on FX. 9:00 CST  (Tuesdays)

When I get uninspired, I do have a well to draw from. Through the years, I have become acquainted with many varieties of Texas music. Let me give you a quick tour. I have known and enjoyed these guys since I first met them in the 1970s. I have to tell you, Ray Benson is a character.

         Asleep at the Wheel
           ACL concert, Austin, Tx.

Bonafide Texas Boy!!

The wonderful
Robert Earl Keen
(about Lubbock)

A little Love Song
on the Corpus Christi Bay

I miss you all and I am very envious of you that are in Q (you know who you are). I will stay in touch!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

She Was Just Venom Wearing Denim (And I Married Her!)

First, I haven't been too enthused to write lately. Nothing has changed in the home selling department. No new leads and the ones that are interested are dragging their feet. I know it will happen though. Timing, timing, timing. I have not altered my dream and do not plan to do so. Well, enough of that.

This is a video of Jr. Brown. He is a very unique individual, from Austin Texas. Dizzy asked the question, "What kind of music do you like?" That would be a hard question for me to answer. The easier question would be what kind of music do I not like. The obvious top three likes (loves) would be Blues, Rock, and both kinds of Country. I have been known to like some rap, as in Kid Rock, or the occasional Classical piece. Please enjoy this song that is quite possibly about my ex-wife.(It really does describe her to a T).....

                                                I guess he knows my ex-wife!                                                                         

I have followed his career for the last two decades. I even went to his house in Austin. He plays an instrument he invented. Actually,  he had a dream about it. Here is his Bio: Junior Brown
  Ol' Yeller
                                                                    Big Red

Rock and Roll!!


Cop Music

Surf Music

The Blues

There you have it. Jr. Brown can play all three types of my favorite music. He does the Blues, Rock and Roll, and both kinds of Country.(Including Western) My Hero!!

I have had some very trying computer times, so, I am at the local coffeehouse, using free WiFi on my new laptop. When I took old faithful to the repair shop, all he said was "oh oh". I took the hint and pried the required dollars out of my dollar stash and went to Sam's. If he gets it fixed, I will have a spare. I do like the little coffee place. It is close to the University. Just when did babies start going to college? 

That's really about all that is going on here. I do have one more vid', and I am thinking of fellow blogger Teresa.(she's not a fellow, though) Read her HERE.


I am envious of all of you heading South and West. I will see you soon.