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Sunday, December 18, 2011

All Fixed and Fixed-up Good!


We all know that all is well that ends well, right? This past week I had two very challenging and almost overwhelming incidents. First down was my desktop computer out in my office. It doesn't get all that much use, but I like having it there. It decided to completely freeze, so I decidedly stuck in the reboot discs and thought it was going okay until the last screen. Several hours later I got on Craig's list, looking for a used computer tower. I found a pretty good DELL, and called the phone number. I was assured that it would work for me, but he also asked that I bring my old one over. Rafael's shop is in one of the bedrooms of his house. He's got a nice shop, lots of shelves with electronic equipment, and a few items waiting to be delivered to their owners. He looked at my old dinosaur of a computer and said it was a pretty good machine, 250gig HD and so forth. I told him that even though the hard drive was gigantic, I had just about filled it up. He said he could completely erase my hard drive, including petitions, and reinstall my operating system." How much" I asked? " I usually charge $125, but I'll do it for 50 bucks." he said. I reached in my pocket and happen to have a $50 bill. " I'll have it ready by tomorrow afternoon." he promised. Well, sure enough, he called and said it was ready and that he had included a few programs for free.(He went way beyond the call of duty) I mean, really, look at this……


My other weekly problem had me perplexed. Several months ago, I noticed a wet spot on my carpet. I naturally blamed my dogs. I would blotted out and dry it, and it would come back. It finally went away, with me thinking, what good dogs. At the first of the week, I was walking into the kitchen, in my sock feet, when I stepped on the dreaded wet spot. It was in such a place as I knew the male dogs didn't do it. Little Cammy must've thought I was crazy, but I was accusing her. Over the next 48 hours, I would change out house and squeeze out water, and I finally decided that she didn't have the capacity for moisture I was sopping  up off floor. I decided it was a leak in slab. It finally turned out to be a leak in the water supply line to the refrigerator. So, instead of the thousands of dollars. I had envisioned spending on that major drain leak, I spent about 18 bucks on compression fittings. It's funny to me how water can migrate 4 feet and decide to come up to the surface, but it sure can. No damage done, and really it was a lesson learned.


Needless to say, I apologized, profusely, to my dogs. I think they have forgiven me. Here are some photos of my pack… 

While we're on the subject of dogs, I want to publicly state that I really do like most dogs more than most people. Here are a couple of dog videos I've been watching this week. Both of them can bring tears to your eyes, please enjoy!

The weather has been nice, but were taking a change to the worst. You know, the usual, blowing wind, scattered showers, turning to snow in the PM. What the heck do I expect? I live in the Texas Panhandle.

Thank you Mr. Anonymous for helping me learn to check my facts before I publish them in my blog. I'll stick to things I know about.

Cold Play Fix You 

Johnny Cash and Billy Gibbons

I appreciate all of you coming by, and hope your week is filled with warm love.

Michael Ultra


  1. Perhaps anonymous should have signed their name.

    Other wise, you know how I feel about my Buddy. It looks like you have some beautiful companions there. Good music, too.

  2. Love the dogs. My husband always says he likes most dogs but can't say the same about people. You never know when the people might bite!

  3. Oh poor pupsters, I'm glad you found the real source to the water problem AND that it was the fridge & not what you were thinking!

  4. One thing you always know with your dogs, they will forgive you anything! Always happy to see you and very nonjudgemental. Glad to hear you had such good luck with your two problems.

  5. I got Hell last night cause I like my dog too much. Someone should think about the reason why!

  6. Great tunes, as always, Michael!

    Stumpy gets blamed for everything. As long as there's a treat, after the fact, she tells me she's ok with that!

  7. I want to adopt all those beagles. Sorry, I'm still in tears. I love your manic eyed big baby. Glad to hear you got your issues taken care of easily and kind of cheaply (in comparison). Never a dull moment.

  8. Bob~I don't think there is any such nonsense as loving your dog 'too much'. What the....??? So don't worry!

  9. Your blog is a Blast from the Past and good memories! Happy Holidays and Wishing You and Quick Sale on your House in Early 2012!! Keep on keepin' on!

  10. Enjoyed the beagle video, glad there are peopled like those that rescued them.