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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Em-Eye-Crooka letter, Crooka letter-Eye-Crooka letter, Crooka letter-Eye-Humpback, Humpback-Eye

Hello, my friends, how was your leap day? I hope it found you all jumping for joy. I have some interest in my house, but I'm not quite ready to make it public. I have to tell you, this is gonna make a big difference in my life. Time will tell what will happen, and then I will tell you. In the meantime, let's have a little fun. Are you familiar with the story of Robert Johnson? If you need the background, read it here. What he, and so many blues legends have in common, is the state of Mississippi.(particularly, the Mississippi Delta). Here are some shining examples......

Father of the Blues

I don't play no Rock and Roll

Ry Cooder

County Blues

Mississippi John

Texas ZZ Blues

So, you ask, where's that fun you were talking about? Do you know your blues name? The following chart is scientifically designed to introduce you to your inter-bluesman. It has been carefully crafted, using Delta magic and chitlin divination.......

Here's proof that it really works.

Jailhouse Dog on Harp

Well, I hope you had a chuckle or two, and will tell me what your blues name is. As BB King said,"the blues is just a good man(or woman) feeling bad." Here's some great female blues players.....

Little Sue Foley
for my Canadian friends

Susan Tedeschi

Miss Lou Ann Barton

That's all for now, but I'll be back with some more. Thank you so much for stopping by.

Jailhouse Dog White
(aka Michael Ultra)


  1. Blind Liver Dupree - now how sexy is that! I know about not wanting to say anything. I don't want to announce anything until all of the paper work is final. Just too scary that it could all fall apart.

    1. Gotcha Blind Liver. How's Boney Dupree doing? Much better I hope.

  2. OK, I played your little game. My Blues name is now officially
    Sticky Harp Bailey. :-)
    But you can call me anything as long as you don' call me later for supper. :-)

    1. Sticky Harp~Supper's ready! (Brisket and beans)

  3. What a fun blog. My inter-bluesman name isn't going to many admirers...Jailhouse Boy Bailey...why you ask...I am a girl. I suppose I could just use my middle initial...Jailhouse B Bailey. Now THAT'S a name! ~wheresweaver

  4. Uh, Big Harp Green, here. And that's all I'll say about that. :)

  5. Wishing you the best on the sale.
    From Boney fingers Washington. LOL the boney fingers fit.

  6. I'm changing my name - somehow Old Harp Smith just doesn't do it for me! Could I be Happy Mama Rivers instead?

  7. Just call me "Boney Dog Lee". That was cool!