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Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Feel Like Kicking Fonzie's Butt!!

Well I'm back. All I really have to report is that it's been a very stressful month. I applied for a reverse mortgage through OneRevese Mortage. You know the one, the Fonz is their spokes-person. What an incredible waste of my time. I jumped through all their hoops, ended up sending them $300 for an appraisal, and waited several months for their rejection. Don't do any business with these people. If you really have any questions about what happened, e-mail me.

The good news about my pending sale is that I have some lookers coming it 6:30 this evening. They are friends of mine and are interested in a lakefront house. They were been out once and spent a few hours. Now they want to come out and spend some time, alone. I've been cleaning up and rearranging the last few days in anticipation of their visit. I only hope that they are trying to decide where to arrange their furniture.(fingers crossed). These are quality people and I don't think they are just wasting my time.

Instead of just waiting around, I have been proactive. Even though I sold my vinyl record collection, I have many hundreds of CDs left. I know I don't want to take multiple boxes of CDs in my fifth wheel, so I started doing research on how I would be able to reduce the collection, yet still have it accessible. I began by copying all of them to my hard drive of my main computer.

CD Command Central
boxes of cd's yet to be Loaded                                                           
 I knew I wanted to put them on some kind of thumb drive, so I could play them when I wanted to. That worked out pretty well. In the meantime, I changed the head unit in my Ford F350. I went to Best Buy and found exactly what I was looking for.

It's an Alpine 124SXM.  Best Buy made me a terrific deal. Not only does it have a tuner, it plays CD's, has an input for iPods and MP3 players, works with Pandora, has built-in XM Sirius radio, but the real kicker is the USB bus on the front that accepts my zip drives and plays them back in crystal-clear fashion.

Great new player with thumb drive!

I loaded a ton of music on one of my zip drives and went out that evening (after the installation), plugged it in and got an error message. What! Can't read error? What the heck? After a little research, I learned that I couldn't load the zip drive up with the CD and expect it to play, because CD files end in .cd. So I erased all that and reloaded the zip drive from my Windows Media Center files that I had saved. Well, who knew? Those files end in .wav. So, back to the computer and a little more research, to find out I have to make my files MP3's. YouTube came to the rescue and showed me exactly how to do it.

 For the third time, I took my zip drive out and plugged it in to the new Alpine. Success! Now I just have about eight more boxes of CDs to load up. In the meantime, I get a wonderful kick out of outlawcountry, XM channel number 60. They seem to play my favorites all day and all night.

I'll let you know how the house selling business turns out. I still have faith that things are going exactly the way they are supposed to. I know there's a season for every purpose unto heaven.

I sure do appreciate you coming by.

Michael Ultra

My buddy Joe Ely in Italy
Heard on OutlawCountry daily!

Joe Ely and Michael Ultra
outside original
Stubb's BBQ

Friday, June 1, 2012


Can you believe it's June, already? I love the summertime, but I don't like sitting here waiting for my financial situation to improve. The lake has had all kinds of traffic, and I had all kinds of lookers on my house. I guess they're having trouble coming up with the moola. I'm had an ace that I was going to play, but it's looking a whole lot like a duece. I'm sure something will happen very, very soon.
  I appreciate it when you guys send me your prayers, good vibes, well wishes, warm fuzzies, and anything else positive. I'm not just saying that, I mean that. You know that feeling, don't you? That waiting for the telephone to ring? It's enough to drive me crazy. So what I do about that? I just turn it around to get crazy to drive.

on the highway

That picture was taken from the seat of the Harley. If you look real close, you can see my buddy ahead of me. It's pretty tough to take a picture on the back of a motorcycle. I will tell you this, though. I am very careful when I ride that scooter, and when I get behind the wheel of an automobile. Sort of like these guys..... 

highway star

I like that one. I started driving when I was 13, how about you? At 14(7th Grade), I was allowed to take driver's ed at Wilson junior high. I already knew how to drive, but they wanted you to have the classroom and behind the wheel time. I was issued a provisional driver's license, but dad thought that was good enough and bought me in 1956 Chevy Coupe. What a fine little car that was. It had an in-line six-cylinder motor and three on the tree.(3 speed standard on the steering column). I never could talk him into a scooter or Vespa or Cushman. But it's funny, he was okay with giving an underaged kid an automobile. That was the beginning of my long addiction with the road.

highway junkie

Have you ever been stuck out in the middle of nowhere? Broke down, out of gas, flat tire, or maybe even an accident? Did you notice that when you couldn't help yourself, someone showed up to help you? Of course you did, or you would still be there, now wouldn't you? I bet each one of you could name a dozen or more times when you were either helped, or you helped someone. My dad used to tell me, what goes around-comes around. I do believe that's the truth.

highway angel

I hope everyone has the most wonderful month of June that they can even imagine. So, in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger............... "I'll Be Back!"

Michael Ultra.