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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Onward, Through The Fog

                                                    Oat Willie  

That's about how I fell. I was reminded last night how to eat and elephant  Yes, one bite at a time. I have had some bank transfer problems, but that seems to be resolved. Yes, I had some remorse issues when I realized it was my last night in a house I lived in for 25 years. Mrs Buyer has put her mark and furniture in before I vacated.(I needed some pushing). I am making progress, albeit slow, but steady!!

                                                    Just Willie

Michael Ultra


  1. Letting go can be hard and scary but oh so very much fun.

  2. All natural. If you need reminding, think of how you felt when you thought the house would never sell.

  3. "Hit he road Jack, and don't come back no more no more.". Are you singing that song?

  4. Just look forward to what's next. The possibilities are endless. Classic tune by the way!

    Kenny G
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