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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Trudging The Road to a Happy Destiny


The title pretty much says it all. Yes, it is an incredible hassle getting everything tied-up here at the end. I do see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I didn't expect some of the emotions and different feelings I'm am feeling. Yes, I will soon be free. Yes, I am so glad to be released from many of the burdens of home ownership. Yes, I feel my wanderlust growing. BUT, I am already nostalgic and sorta homesick. Weird, huh? I have entered into negotiations for my 5 wheel and even have a brand new 20k hitch in the back of Whitey(my truck). All is going according to plan. It's kinda hard to let go. I started this transformation about 2 years ago, so..........come on Road! Let's Ride!

Thanks so much for your comments, they really help.

Michael Ultra

sorry about no pictures, I can't find anything...much less my camera!


  1. Even though Paul couldn't wait to get on the road, he too had a few sad feelings. It won't take you long to see how wonderful and liberating it is to travel this beautiful country of ours.

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  2. You're not far away from a new kind of freedom. Hoping we cross paths someday.

  3. I don't think your feelings are any surprise to those who have been down the same road or those who have made many moves. Keep your eyes wide open while you work on getting that 5th wheel. Make sure your immediate need for it doesn't cloud your judgement about what you really need. I thought you needed a toyhauler for your motorcycle?

  4. Change is inevatable and this change of yours will be for the best. Enjoy traveling while you can.

  5. I imagine it's a little hard letting go of the secure comfort zone of the life you know. Soon, you will be hitting a different kind of comfort zone.You've prepared for this for so long - I'll bet that feeling of freedom will reign upon you once you hit your first few miles!

  6. Just wait though... when you pull out there will be more mixed emotions than you can imagine and them it will hit you like a tone of bricks as you realize that you are truly free and you will feel the shackles of residential life fall from your shoulders...

  7. It took us 3 years to sell the farm and move to a small cabin in northern Michigan. Another year to buy the motor home. But here we are now, settled for a few months in Texas. No regrets! Sure we get homesick for the farm after 32 years there but not enough to make up for 3 years of changing the view from the living room window whenever we turn the key! Once you get over that initial transition, you will be amazed at the life that is now open to you. Enjoy! Safe travels.