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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today Really is the First Day of the Rest of your Life!

How true those words are. I have finally emerged from my self made cocoon into the type of life I have dreamed of. This is not just an everyday type of daydream. I got my fist camper way back in 1971. It was a homemade cabover camper on a 1957 Chevy P/U body. I wish I had a picture of it. I moved from Central California to Ruidoso, New Mexico. I was very young and still naive. Even then, I enjoyed many of the same things I love now, (some 40 years later) Here is my very first night out on the road….


We left Lubbock about noon and made it all the way to Weatherford. That is about 300 miles. I was having fun driving the new rig so I went longer than I had planned. I stopped at a chain restaurant and noticed a police car had pulled up behind me. I walked back and talked to a very pretty female officer. I asked about parking where I was to go eat. She said '”No problem”. I then asked about overnight parking and was told that was just fine. So cool, I had 39 on air tv stations and free internet from Lowe’s. What a great country this is!

The next morning, I made the last leg of the journey to Livingston, Texas. Here is my second camp..


It’s hard to tell, but we are at Walmart in Livingston. I had the opportunity to drive in my fist rainstorm. No problem. I really enjoying driving my train.(most of the time) I got into some construction and side road detours in Ft Worth. I hated that. Never again!! I will be very careful where I turn off from now on. Here is my home for the next week or so..


The weather has been wonderful! Almost 80 yesterday. What a great way to spend the Winter. I have met a lot of new people. My favorite so far is Ray. He told me he was a ray of sunshine. He was walking his doggie and stopped and chatted. He and his wife had originally came to the Escapee’s C.A.R.E. facility because she had gotten very sick. He was left a widower met another women when he was volunteering. They married 12 years ago and are still fulltimers. I ask him how old he was and found out he is 87 YEARS OLD! Wow!!


I guess I will go and do some laundry. See….. no rest up, no rust up!

Michael Ultra

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Getting Ready to Ramble!

The pile is the trash pile grows!

I have stayed rather busy today. First off, I went to Wal-Mart and got some essentials. I need RV sewer line stuff. I have already shortened the sewer clean-out. It stuck up about 18” and would not be good for flow. My hose is slightly short so I bought the ‘L’ to attach it to the sewer trap.

I also bought more plastic eating ware and some paper bowls. I think I am going portable, all the way. I take my trash in and use wally’s receptacles. I also put $75 in my truck.(Whitey) I might change his name to Thirsty Beast. So fitting.

Video…hot rod heart

Just put this 900ib Beast
in the back!!
Oh yeah, that looks

I also started work on the garage on the toy hauler. I have taken measurements and put the Harley into its official wheel holder. I will look and measure some more before I get the drill out. So far, so good. This full timer’s life agrees with me. I guess it’s time to make my way South. I have a few pesky last things to get done. Maybe Wednesday! I am getting a little rambunctious.…..

Rambunctious Boy!

We seem to be getting our groove on. As they say, we are just taking it one day at a time, and durn sure glad to be where I am!!

Love to all,

Michael Ultra

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Home Sweet Home aka The Party Never Ends

I have had a pretty good day as a full-timer. I did some upgrades. First, I think my couch is not comfortable, at all. I had one of those Walmart plastic steps and was using it as a foot prop. Not a relaxing situation. Plus, I have been cold. Today, I bought an extra propane bottle, and ottoman, found my Pendelton blanky, and really upgraded my living room. Life is sweet and cold!


I have has a collapsible bar stool for my kitchen. I am not sure who's posterior it is supposed to fit, but it was very uncomfortable and made my sitting an unenjoyable time. I found this one on sale and love it.

  Bar Stool                                 

My ottoman not only acts as a couch extender, it is also a coffee table. I have found the perfect place to keep paper towels and such. The lid opens to much need storage.

As I sit here at the dinette, life is still sweet. And warm. And comfortable. It's starting to feel like home. It's the little things, you know? (and the lightweight things)

Now, how do I get Internet? I upgraded to Verizon and subscribed to a data plan. Where I am now has no Internet. No problem. I tether to my phone and gobble band width. I signed up for 6 gigs a month and have used about a gig this first week. It's kind of expensive, but I love my Galaxy s3 phone. Time will only tell on this.

Suggestions are always welcome. Good advise is always appreciated. Criticism is sometimes tolerated.

Love and Peace to you all,

Michael Ultra

 The Party Never

Monday, January 14, 2013

Teenage Temperatures!

I know I am in the center of a learning curve. This is not my first RV. It is my first 40 ft 5th wheel toy hauler. This new home of mine is huge! When I picked it up last week, I drove around the local loop and could actually see the fuel gauge move on my fuel gauge  I commented to my buddy, TR, that it took 1/4 tank. He replied,"Be glad you didn't have a head wind or it would have taken 1/2 a tank." He has a very similar Raptor and has a digital mileage gauge on his dash. "Sometimes gets 12, sometimes 4, and sometimes I just turn it off." Oh boy!

Learning the Game

It looks like I will leave at the end of this week, or maybe the start of next. I have decided to go to Livingston, Texas and check out the SKP's. My dl is about to expire and I do need a registered domain. I plan to establish my home base in South Dakota, but not this time of year. Livingston is 8 or 9 hours South, so the direction is perfect. I plan to stay a couple of weeks and hang around other full-timers and see how they do things. I really want to do some upgrades, but I want to do them the right way.

I have not finished loading my stuff. The temp want be above freezing until the end of the week.(all my junk is in an unheated barn) I have started to seperate that massive pile of junk and learn what I really need and want. Funny how your perspective changes. I am sure from reading other RV blogs that I will continue to pare down.

My little home on the plains!
Behind TR's Toy Barn

The Harley is still at the shop. I had some electrical repairs and then let them give it a good going over. Even though it is finished and I have already paid, She will have to stay there for a few more days. I have ridden in weather this cold, but it has been a long time!

I am going to clean out the truck today and replace the backseat dog blanket.(if it warms up a little)

Late afternoon is here and I didn't do anything. Except tied to keep warm, checked my propane several times, found a new bottle for a spare, cooked breakfast, walked the dogs, loaded a little bit of stuff, took a short nap etc. I saw the weather the teens again and not above freezing tomorrow. I don't like winter camping!!

Thank you so mucho for your comments. I hope you are in a warm place.

Digging the RV life,

Michael Ultra

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Treading Water (More like Ice)

The toy-hauler was cool. Really cool, when I got up yesterday. What? I ran out of propane? It has been really cold here in deep West Texas. I figured out how to remove the propane bottles and loaded them up in my truck. I found the place for propane, out on the highway, and spent $44 to fill the two bottles. It lasted one week. I stopped at Walmart and bought a couple of small electric heaters. When I got gas all hooked-up, I shut off one bottle so it wouldn't auto switch. I don’t want to end up out of propane, again. The heaters seem to keep the place reasonably warm.(58-60ish). Okay, when it’s 29 outside, 58 feels great! How much propane did I use in the last 24 hours? I lit the stove once to see if it worked. I also set the water heater on electric. I’m learning. As I sit here watching football and writing, I have one of the heaters pointed right at me. Nice!!


We are getting a little bit of a routine going. It’s hard on the dogs because we are around a lot of sticker-burrs and all of our feet have suffered. Soon we will be leaving for better weather and softer scenery.

 I plan to work out a few defects and finish packing. I have my hopes set on Daytona Beach by the middle of February. It will be good to visit my Brother and his family. The weather report there today was 79 and clear.

I love the mental images for this song. Neil Young has always come through for us, right?

                                               (desert hi way)

I am taking the dogs to the vet in the morning. I am sure they will not like it, but hey, they have been hinting for a change of scenery.

Winding down in Lubbock,

Michael Ultra

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Live Forever!(or it will seem that way)

high tech center

I just had my shower, and you know, it was all right. I wasn’t too sure how I would like the navy shower stuff, but it is really all right. I had several things to do today, so I kinda skimped this morning. I took a spoonge type bath because I was out of water. I had also filled up the gray water tank. So, my day was busy getting the right fittings for my gray drain. I also had to get 50 extra feet of water hose because of where the spigot is. I am here at my high tech writing station. (please notice the dollar store light connected to my laptop)

I fixed two lights and the bathroom fan today. Who has the time and fuel to tow for service? The rv place did give me the bulbs. It was nice getting the fruits of the day. I ate pretty well today, but will admit I ate my very first McRib at Walmart.(not impressed)

I suppose I will keep on camping and learning about my rig. I am anxious to hit the trail, but, I am also a little apprehensive about it, too. My biggest fear is fuel consumption. I appreciate all the comments, they do keep me going.

Love to all!

Michael Ultra

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Key To The Highway!

I have a bunch of junk. Even though it treasure to me, I don't know what to do with it, here-in lies the dilemma. Here is what I am dealing with....
See what I mean?
I treasure most of that stuff, although not all of it. There is going to be some major culling around here. The dogs seem to be adjusting well enough. 

Doing a part of what they do best

I really appreciate my buddy here in the country. I don't mind the pigeons much, but the sticker-burrs have to go!

Morning music from nature
 I made a WalMart run this morning. I discovered that I am not longer interested in heavy, long lasting items. I bought a $.99 paper-towel holder and installed it. Just perfect. I do understand about full time Rv'ers and compromise. I get it. I am not ready for van-dwelling and peeing in a bottle and all that malarkey. I don't know why I got  a rig with 2 bathrooms when I only need one.

I have really enjoyed this time to learn my rig and MAN, I have been sleeping so good. It is a wonder what a big release of stress does for a person.

Rolling along the path,

Michael Ultra

                               Key to the Highway!!

Monday, January 7, 2013


I think I am getting this down. Let's see, don't go to WalMart unless you are prepared to spend some money. I try to avoid Sam's for the same reason. I stopped for a bathroom rug and ended up getting a verison plan. I have had little or no internet for a few weeks. I now have a cool new phone and a data plan. I am hoping it works out and doesn't break the pocketbook. There has been a lot of stress in that pocketbook area, lately. 

I took my 1st navy/rv shower last night. It was wonderful!! I have had two wonderful nights of sleep. Except for a couple normal glitches, no complaints.  So, some pictures, huh?

launch day
Michael and the owner!
Here are a few inside shots,(uh, pardon the mess). 

I laughed with Ruth called it a cardboard box. I have decided it is more like a cardboard ship, sailing the Blue Highways. I actually think my rig is longer than the Santa Maria.

I have a lot of stuff to still load, but I am not so sure anything else will fit. I am very fortunate to be at nice, full hook-up site, and the price is right!(free).

This is TR's toy barn. I have my additional stuff in the barn.
His Raptor lives in there.
There is a learning curve, but heck, I've have had class a's and b's and even a truck camper. I really love the room. I am falling right into my dream!! 

Love to all...

Michael Ultra

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Home Sweet Tin-Can!


  It's here! I picked it up yesterday afternoon. Last night was my first official night as a full-timer. I slept very well for the first time in two weeks. The truck gets such low mileage, I was a little surprised. My plans have changed three times. My, oh my, decision making really is written in Jello. I think I will hang for a week or ten days and see if anything needs fixed on the Raptor. This is a great day in the Ultra household.(even if the house has wheels)

Love to you all,

Michael Ultra                                                                        

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

To Blue or not To Blue



I am having a real dilemma. Blue is 8 years old and I raised him from a baby. He is 1/2 Husky and 1/2 Chow. There in is the problem. He is a first rate escape artist (really). I don't think I will be able to keep up with him on the road. He escaped from the chain-link dog run at my friends house, last night. I have the option of leaving him in a good home. My friend George has 12 acres that is enclosed with an electric fence. He also has three Great Pyrenees hounds that live there. He would have a better life, I think. I have never abandoned an animal in my life. The new owners of my house have also said they would love to take him. She said that maybe a few months down the road, I would have it figured out and take him back. What a quandary! Any advise?


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Almost There....Almost!

                                                                    The Old Man
is Down the Road

I know what I am doing is a really great, exciting and courageous  think. I am shedding an old life. It is sort of like a chrysalis. You know, the cocoon a butterfly comes out of. I feel sort of like a locust about to shed it's skin. This is all about changes, and I'm about change, right now. I really don't have any say right now. I am a little upset with my bank. They are holding my sell funding for 10 business days and with the holidays, this has caused a set back. Thank God for friends. I don't know how I could do without them. I have found a toyhauler that I like. I have made a deposit and am waiting for the   bank to come through. It's all going to work's all going to work out etc. I keep telling myself that. Meanwhile, reality is bouncing between friends with my three dogs. I doubt we would be welcome at a motel. So really, I'm still displaced and working through to hoops I am having to jump.

To be continued.....

Michael Ultra

(still no camera......)