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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Almost There....Almost!

                                                                    The Old Man
is Down the Road

I know what I am doing is a really great, exciting and courageous  think. I am shedding an old life. It is sort of like a chrysalis. You know, the cocoon a butterfly comes out of. I feel sort of like a locust about to shed it's skin. This is all about changes, and I'm about change, right now. I really don't have any say right now. I am a little upset with my bank. They are holding my sell funding for 10 business days and with the holidays, this has caused a set back. Thank God for friends. I don't know how I could do without them. I have found a toyhauler that I like. I have made a deposit and am waiting for the   bank to come through. It's all going to work's all going to work out etc. I keep telling myself that. Meanwhile, reality is bouncing between friends with my three dogs. I doubt we would be welcome at a motel. So really, I'm still displaced and working through to hoops I am having to jump.

To be continued.....

Michael Ultra

(still no camera......)


  1. I understand how something that sounds so exciting and romantic can be a total pain when it comes down to day to day living and the details of things like finding a place to feel comfortable. When I am back in the States on vacation I am very conscious that I no longer have a 'home' and feel caught between two realities. I am welcome at my Mom's for as long as I want, but it isn't my home.

  2. Michael, I'm just now catching up on your latest scoop and want to say CONGRATS! Oh I do know how scary this whole process is. When Jim and I went through it, Xanax was our best friend. It's like holding your breath constantly until that moment when you're about 500 miles from your former "home" and you realize "I'm FREEEEEE!" I remember that feeling so well, and I can't wait for you to experience it too. Hang in there, it's just around the corner. Your dream is about to happen because of your hard work and faith, hang on!!!

  3. This too shall pass. And that's what friends are there for - they want to help you get through the tough times. Now that the holidays are almost over things will move more quickly.

  4. Good luck, I am sure you will living the high life in your RV soon.