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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Getting Ready to Ramble!

The pile is the trash pile grows!

I have stayed rather busy today. First off, I went to Wal-Mart and got some essentials. I need RV sewer line stuff. I have already shortened the sewer clean-out. It stuck up about 18” and would not be good for flow. My hose is slightly short so I bought the ‘L’ to attach it to the sewer trap.

I also bought more plastic eating ware and some paper bowls. I think I am going portable, all the way. I take my trash in and use wally’s receptacles. I also put $75 in my truck.(Whitey) I might change his name to Thirsty Beast. So fitting.

Video…hot rod heart

Just put this 900ib Beast
in the back!!
Oh yeah, that looks

I also started work on the garage on the toy hauler. I have taken measurements and put the Harley into its official wheel holder. I will look and measure some more before I get the drill out. So far, so good. This full timer’s life agrees with me. I guess it’s time to make my way South. I have a few pesky last things to get done. Maybe Wednesday! I am getting a little rambunctious.…..

Rambunctious Boy!

We seem to be getting our groove on. As they say, we are just taking it one day at a time, and durn sure glad to be where I am!!

Love to all,

Michael Ultra


  1. Getting ready is really fun, but you are going to LOVE it when you are on the road, stopping for a while, and moving again. I can't believe how much my little rig is home to me now. Even staying with my kids, I still go back to my own bed every night and have breakfast in the morning in the Palms. Then I walk up the driveway to visit. I hope you will love your set-up as much as I love mine. :)

  2. Yay, you are coming along nicely!

  3. Its been a long time coming Michael, Can't wait to hear about your first out.

  4. It's exciting to see you getting soooooooooooo close!

  5. Since it is a real home, you might want some real dishes too. Eating on paper for every meal is for camping, not living. lol. I heard it's cold up there. It is nice, warm, and sunny in the San Antonio area.

  6. It's fun to feel your excitement. I know it will be all you have dreamed of and more.