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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Home Sweet Home aka The Party Never Ends

I have had a pretty good day as a full-timer. I did some upgrades. First, I think my couch is not comfortable, at all. I had one of those Walmart plastic steps and was using it as a foot prop. Not a relaxing situation. Plus, I have been cold. Today, I bought an extra propane bottle, and ottoman, found my Pendelton blanky, and really upgraded my living room. Life is sweet and cold!


I have has a collapsible bar stool for my kitchen. I am not sure who's posterior it is supposed to fit, but it was very uncomfortable and made my sitting an unenjoyable time. I found this one on sale and love it.

  Bar Stool                                 

My ottoman not only acts as a couch extender, it is also a coffee table. I have found the perfect place to keep paper towels and such. The lid opens to much need storage.

As I sit here at the dinette, life is still sweet. And warm. And comfortable. It's starting to feel like home. It's the little things, you know? (and the lightweight things)

Now, how do I get Internet? I upgraded to Verizon and subscribed to a data plan. Where I am now has no Internet. No problem. I tether to my phone and gobble band width. I signed up for 6 gigs a month and have used about a gig this first week. It's kind of expensive, but I love my Galaxy s3 phone. Time will only tell on this.

Suggestions are always welcome. Good advise is always appreciated. Criticism is sometimes tolerated.

Love and Peace to you all,

Michael Ultra

 The Party Never


  1. I like your purchases. I have a bar in my trailer for eating but those stools were so miserable to sit on I got rid of them and was thinking about the one you purchased. I will get them when I go back up the mountian this spring.

  2. Our sleeper sofa was uncomfortable, so we sold it and replaced it with a twin bed which is now a daybed/reading snuggle up nook/extra bed. Great decision for us. Love the footstool! We have 2 extra propane bottles, so we're good for a while B4 refilling. You'll find what works for you. I think you're doing great! Stay warm, my friend, and have fun!

  3. No criticism from me. I think you're doing great. You're making your home your own. It takes a while but don't be discouraged. The barstool looks great.

  4. The longer you live in your new home, the more you will make it yours. We started out with some things we really thought would work and found out they didn't. You just keep tweaking until it all works.

  5. A priority chore each time I have changed rvs is to add all the extra insulation I reasonably could. You can see examples on my blog. Also wind leaks are a major temperature leak. Most slide outs have a major wind leak around a part of them. It takes a while to get a new rig "finished" for full timem use.

  6. Great suggestions from everyone. Your rig looks cozy!

  7. "Suggestions are always welcome. Good advise is always appreciated. Criticism is sometimes tolerated."

    I really like that!

  8. Good luck in your new home. I can not offer any advice but you have a lot of readers with many years experience under their belt who are knowledgeable and can offer theirs as they are doing in this post.