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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Key To The Highway!

I have a bunch of junk. Even though it treasure to me, I don't know what to do with it, here-in lies the dilemma. Here is what I am dealing with....
See what I mean?
I treasure most of that stuff, although not all of it. There is going to be some major culling around here. The dogs seem to be adjusting well enough. 

Doing a part of what they do best

I really appreciate my buddy here in the country. I don't mind the pigeons much, but the sticker-burrs have to go!

Morning music from nature
 I made a WalMart run this morning. I discovered that I am not longer interested in heavy, long lasting items. I bought a $.99 paper-towel holder and installed it. Just perfect. I do understand about full time Rv'ers and compromise. I get it. I am not ready for van-dwelling and peeing in a bottle and all that malarkey. I don't know why I got  a rig with 2 bathrooms when I only need one.

I have really enjoyed this time to learn my rig and MAN, I have been sleeping so good. It is a wonder what a big release of stress does for a person.

Rolling along the path,

Michael Ultra

                               Key to the Highway!!


  1. Well, in that pile of "stuff" I see a jacket that probably has some sentimental value and definitely looks wearable (looks kinda like the jacket my cuz Karen had which is mine now) and what appears to be a guitar case ?? hopefully with the instrument inside. That would definitely be a keeper. Just ask me . . . I have a djembe drum, 4 hoop drums and a satchel of rhythm instruments just in case I hook up with a drum circle again. :)

  2. It sure is nice to hear you sounding so upbeat and happy. I think your lifestyle agrees with you.

  3. looks like that pile of "stuff" might fir in your new closet (errr spare bathroom)

  4. Hm, that brown case doesn't happen to have a Gibson Les Paul in it, does it? I'd be keepin' that thing! Even then, a guitar doesn't take up a lot of weight or room. I'd never part with a guitar, unless it was given to someone who'd appreciate it.

  5. Put it in a climate controlled storage unit for a year, sort through it then and see what still calls your name.
    (says the woman with 2 10x20 units back in the States...)