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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Live Forever!(or it will seem that way)

high tech center

I just had my shower, and you know, it was all right. I wasn’t too sure how I would like the navy shower stuff, but it is really all right. I had several things to do today, so I kinda skimped this morning. I took a spoonge type bath because I was out of water. I had also filled up the gray water tank. So, my day was busy getting the right fittings for my gray drain. I also had to get 50 extra feet of water hose because of where the spigot is. I am here at my high tech writing station. (please notice the dollar store light connected to my laptop)

I fixed two lights and the bathroom fan today. Who has the time and fuel to tow for service? The rv place did give me the bulbs. It was nice getting the fruits of the day. I ate pretty well today, but will admit I ate my very first McRib at Walmart.(not impressed)

I suppose I will keep on camping and learning about my rig. I am anxious to hit the trail, but, I am also a little apprehensive about it, too. My biggest fear is fuel consumption. I appreciate all the comments, they do keep me going.

Love to all!

Michael Ultra


  1. I read that fuel prices may be headed down - but it's still pretty sad when we think $3 a gallon is cheap! Ah well, spend it here or spend it there, you can't take it with you! Just look how much you saved on your high tech computer light .

  2. Yep, the fuel does set one back a bit. I have a 100 gallon fuel tank and at the cost of diesel, that does set one back a bit. That reminds me, I need to get it filled up soon. Who knows, maybe I will be able to hit the road soon.

  3. Point south and come on down for a visit.

  4. Fuel is the biggest expense you will have. To help counter that we stay at Walmarts or places like that when traveling. We stay in one place longer. And when we travel we slow down. No driving 70. We drive 60. That sure does help.

  5. You'll pull out of there when you feel like it, and that will be the right time. Just enjoy settling in and getting to know your new home. Hey, you're a full-timer now, so there's no rush to do ANYthing, dude!

  6. I'm with Shoeless Joe. Head on south but it is a bit wet and cloudy here.

  7. Making headway I see. That little light is the greatest. I bought one a couple years ago and it still works.

  8. Apprehension is good. it keeps you honest ;-) You'll do fine, we all had to start somewhere. RV's are a learning curve, but after you're in it for awhile, you'll become more familiar & wonder what all the fuss was about. Looks like a really cool rig - lots of space. A lot of folk just take their time getting somewhere & boondock alot along the way. Saves money. I do it the dumb way & cover several states at a time when I travel..ouch.