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Monday, January 7, 2013


I think I am getting this down. Let's see, don't go to WalMart unless you are prepared to spend some money. I try to avoid Sam's for the same reason. I stopped for a bathroom rug and ended up getting a verison plan. I have had little or no internet for a few weeks. I now have a cool new phone and a data plan. I am hoping it works out and doesn't break the pocketbook. There has been a lot of stress in that pocketbook area, lately. 

I took my 1st navy/rv shower last night. It was wonderful!! I have had two wonderful nights of sleep. Except for a couple normal glitches, no complaints.  So, some pictures, huh?

launch day
Michael and the owner!
Here are a few inside shots,(uh, pardon the mess). 

I laughed with Ruth called it a cardboard box. I have decided it is more like a cardboard ship, sailing the Blue Highways. I actually think my rig is longer than the Santa Maria.

I have a lot of stuff to still load, but I am not so sure anything else will fit. I am very fortunate to be at nice, full hook-up site, and the price is right!(free).

This is TR's toy barn. I have my additional stuff in the barn.
His Raptor lives in there.
There is a learning curve, but heck, I've have had class a's and b's and even a truck camper. I really love the room. I am falling right into my dream!! 

Love to all...

Michael Ultra


  1. Oh Michael it is beautiful!!! I am so excited for you as you start your new venture! Can hardly wait to a) come see it, b) smudge/bless it, c) see the poodles. Thanking God for you and asking His Protection on you as you travel the roads!

  2. Great rig! It looks huge. I can just imagine all the great travels you are going to have. I look forward to reading about them.

  3. Wow, dude, that is some beauty! I think I like the U-shaped couch in the back. Never seen one like that before. Verrrry nice!! I really am pleased for you. It's about time!

  4. Wow Michael, you got your self a good one. Being a toy hauler, you can use the rear for all kinds of things. You made a good choice. I am sure you will be comfortable it, so all you have to do now is hit the road.

  5. Really gorgeous. I don't think it's a very sharp learning curve. You'll do fine. Get it on the road.

  6. Looks great. You should have plenty of room in that.

  7. Found you at DDs,,(Dizzy Dick), and love it.