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Monday, January 14, 2013

Teenage Temperatures!

I know I am in the center of a learning curve. This is not my first RV. It is my first 40 ft 5th wheel toy hauler. This new home of mine is huge! When I picked it up last week, I drove around the local loop and could actually see the fuel gauge move on my fuel gauge  I commented to my buddy, TR, that it took 1/4 tank. He replied,"Be glad you didn't have a head wind or it would have taken 1/2 a tank." He has a very similar Raptor and has a digital mileage gauge on his dash. "Sometimes gets 12, sometimes 4, and sometimes I just turn it off." Oh boy!

Learning the Game

It looks like I will leave at the end of this week, or maybe the start of next. I have decided to go to Livingston, Texas and check out the SKP's. My dl is about to expire and I do need a registered domain. I plan to establish my home base in South Dakota, but not this time of year. Livingston is 8 or 9 hours South, so the direction is perfect. I plan to stay a couple of weeks and hang around other full-timers and see how they do things. I really want to do some upgrades, but I want to do them the right way.

I have not finished loading my stuff. The temp want be above freezing until the end of the week.(all my junk is in an unheated barn) I have started to seperate that massive pile of junk and learn what I really need and want. Funny how your perspective changes. I am sure from reading other RV blogs that I will continue to pare down.

My little home on the plains!
Behind TR's Toy Barn

The Harley is still at the shop. I had some electrical repairs and then let them give it a good going over. Even though it is finished and I have already paid, She will have to stay there for a few more days. I have ridden in weather this cold, but it has been a long time!

I am going to clean out the truck today and replace the backseat dog blanket.(if it warms up a little)

Late afternoon is here and I didn't do anything. Except tied to keep warm, checked my propane several times, found a new bottle for a spare, cooked breakfast, walked the dogs, loaded a little bit of stuff, took a short nap etc. I saw the weather the teens again and not above freezing tomorrow. I don't like winter camping!!

Thank you so mucho for your comments. I hope you are in a warm place.

Digging the RV life,

Michael Ultra


  1. Just a heads up...Livingston is pretty much dry with only a few places serving drinks. Not sure if that interests you. Also, only a Walmart and small HEB. Do some shopping before you get there.

  2. It is convenient to have removable gas tanks. My last two RVs have built in tanks. That means you have to drive the RV to the gas or get a gas truck to drive to me. You will be getting pretty close to my place in Cut & Shoot when you come to Livingston. Have fun and enjoy the freedom of full timing.

  3. Might you be happy enough with a Livingston address, or have you already determined SD is the place for you?

    The Good Luck Duck

  4. I am not in a warm place either. Tucson has been having freezing temps for about a week now. Leaving water dripping at night.
    I'm getting excited for you to be heading down the road.