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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Treading Water (More like Ice)

The toy-hauler was cool. Really cool, when I got up yesterday. What? I ran out of propane? It has been really cold here in deep West Texas. I figured out how to remove the propane bottles and loaded them up in my truck. I found the place for propane, out on the highway, and spent $44 to fill the two bottles. It lasted one week. I stopped at Walmart and bought a couple of small electric heaters. When I got gas all hooked-up, I shut off one bottle so it wouldn't auto switch. I don’t want to end up out of propane, again. The heaters seem to keep the place reasonably warm.(58-60ish). Okay, when it’s 29 outside, 58 feels great! How much propane did I use in the last 24 hours? I lit the stove once to see if it worked. I also set the water heater on electric. I’m learning. As I sit here watching football and writing, I have one of the heaters pointed right at me. Nice!!


We are getting a little bit of a routine going. It’s hard on the dogs because we are around a lot of sticker-burrs and all of our feet have suffered. Soon we will be leaving for better weather and softer scenery.

 I plan to work out a few defects and finish packing. I have my hopes set on Daytona Beach by the middle of February. It will be good to visit my Brother and his family. The weather report there today was 79 and clear.

I love the mental images for this song. Neil Young has always come through for us, right?

                                               (desert hi way)

I am taking the dogs to the vet in the morning. I am sure they will not like it, but hey, they have been hinting for a change of scenery.

Winding down in Lubbock,

Michael Ultra


  1. I hate those sticker-burrs. Bella gets them in her paws, and we have to dig them out. What a pain.
    We only turn our hot water heater on when we are going to take a shower. It only takes about 15 minutes to make hot water. We save a ton of money not having it on all the time.
    We have our little electric heater working right now too. This sure is crazy weather.

  2. A lot of dogs wear booties, in the desert. Between the dryness, the rocks and the stickers the terrain can really take a toll on a dogs feet.

    I keep wondering how you're going to handle the limited data, when you're on the road. Really I am wondering how I am going to handle it. One more day and I won't be able to watch the great videos you post.

  3. It must be a law that we have to run out of every commodity at least one time, and overfill all storage containers a couple of times (because learning the first time is for suckers). Keep on enjoying!

  4. We have three Shih-Tzu's and they get really tangled hair from those stickers. Some times they have to be shaved.

  5. Wow, I'm really behind! You are in an RV already?? Where did the time go? Poor puppy paws, been there done that. And of course, it'll always happen as long as there are weeds. I'm dying to go to my favorite spot down by the Texas Gulf Coast, but that also means dealing with the sticker burrs there. (and a drunk that lives at the RV park, which is partly why I've not gone back. didn't like him knocking on my door at 8am asking me if I had beer)

  6. You'll get a feel for how much propane (and other items) you're using as you go along. Does your propane connection have a dial/thingie you turn to indicate which bottle you're using? Ours does and shows the level of propane in the bottle that's being used. In Winter we check that indicator about every other day and switch out when one bottle shows red (empty). Auto-switchover is a good thing, actually, so you don't run out in the middle of the night! Of course, we have the luxury of having 4 bottles - 2 on board and 2 spare. Well, again, you'll get a feel for your rig after a while. It's early and I'm rambling. Learning a rig is fun in itself!