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Monday, February 4, 2013

Living my Dream!(so blessed)

I sometimes think I am living a dream and don’t want to wake up. It is like a long trip and I have to turn around and go back home. Wait….this IS home now. I am awake and I have reached my goal of becoming a full-timer. I don’t have to bust camp on the last day of vacation and worry about Monday. I just have to say, it is very satisfying to have achieved my dream. After two plus years of working towards this scenario, I still am amazed that I have arrived. My ship did come in after all those dark days of wishing and hoping.

I am still changing my mail and titles on the truck and Harley and the Raptor. I just got off the phone with my bank. It really is a process. I did go to the driver’s license place and that was not so pleasant. I filled out all the paper work and let them take my prints and photo when the dl lady said “Oh-oh. We have a problem.” It turns out that this years renewal uses the new 50 State check system. She asked if I had been to New Mexico. And that they had put a hold on my license. What? I haven’t lived there in over 30 years. She said that that sounded about right because it was a traffic ticket from 1982. I called NM and was told I had a $15 ticket fron ’82 and I had to pay them $41.25 to have it cleared up. I paid them and was told I could get my license next Wednesday. I noticed the money was taken out of my account immediately, but I had to wait until next Wednesday…WTH!!

I have met so many people and here at the SKP camp, everyone is full-time. I love this place. I have met several men in their upper 80’s who still full-time. How very cool I think that is. Believe it or not, I really am learning some things about my new lifestyle. This is a wonderful place for a green-bean like me to pick up valuable tips.

In about a week, I will start my journey to Daytona Beach and hook-up with my Brother and his family. Soon, it will be Bike Week. Daytona turns into a land of Harleys and all sorts of amusement. Just right for me! I am looking forward to everything but the drive. I guess I need the practice, so, on with the show.

Love to everyone,

Michael Ultra


  1. I'm enjoying your blog,keep on trucking!!!

  2. You were like me in that it took a while to reach our goal of living a wonderful lifestyle. Now the fun begins!

  3. Don't sweat the drive, pace yourself. Your retired and don't have to drive it all in one day. Enjoy the sights along the way.

  4. A ticket from 30 years ago - holy cow! I guess you ought to be glad it wasn't more than it was with all the penalties and interest they could tack on. I agree with John - take your time getting to Daytona. Start early enough to give yourself time to relax along the way.

  5. There is a lot to see between Livingston and Daytona. Why would you want to rush??? Relax, drive 100 miles a day if you want. Uh, you do have a reservation in Daytona, right? Cause it will be hard to find a place while the event is going on.

  6. Yikes, I can't believe that they still had that on file after all those years. As Sandie and Jim said, good thing it wasn't more than that.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Things are going along at a good pace. A man once told me if you have to make a schedule you should not travel. See the sights take pictures. And don't make us wait so long to hear from you.

  8. Michael.I am just catching up...I'm so happy for you!..have fun!

  9. So glad to "hear" you sounding so happy. You are proof that it is possible to achieve your dreams.