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Friday, June 28, 2013

Sweet in Florida!!


No, I'm not in jail, or the hospital, or even incommunicado. I do apologize for not writing. Every day, I start with the ambition to do a daily update and then it just fades into the background. Am I the only one that has sometimes writer's block?

Most times, reality does not keep up with expectations. I have had some second thoughts about selling my big house on the lakeside to travel all these blue highways, but they are short and fleeting. Usually it starts with me looking around my toy hauler and thinking, I can still be in that big old house rambling around. It doesn't take long for me to look around at my surroundings and realize how lucky and blessed I really am. Isn't it funny, when you get what you want, you're not sure that's what you wanted. Like the old saying, be careful what you pray for. If I had it all to do over, would I change anything? Absolutely not! My stress levels have dropped out the bottom. I've got a whole new set of rules that I live by. What are they, you ask?

  • Sleep when you're sleepy.
  • Eat when you're hungry.
  • Make love when you can.(lol, I'm not dead yet)
  • Work when you have to.
  • Go where you want to, when you want to.

I know that sounds kind of silly, but we have to have rules, right? Now that I have been out on the road for six months, I wonder how I ever had time to work 40+ hours a week? Am I the only one that feels that way? There are many perks for those that are retired, I never really realized it. I love senior discounts and restaurants and movies. One of the coolest things I've gotten is this deal right here......

                            (senior park pass)

Do you know what that is? It used to be called the Golden Passport. Here's a link (click). I've already used it, and have to say it is a great deal for those 62 and older.

So here I am, four months into my stay at the Thunder Gulch Campground. I never figured I would hang out this long in Florida, but admittedly, I've never been a full-timer before, so really I'm still learning about this lifestyle. There are a few things that call for instant attention. Do you know what this is?

                                          toilet pic

One of the first lessons I learned, is make darn sure the foot flusher closes all the way before leaving the bathroom. Not once, but twice I had failed to do that and ended up with a flooded bathroom, and just a mess. My neighbor who has been a full timer for a long time, loaned me his wet vac and assured me that everyone out here has had this problem, at least once. He's so funny, he calls me an RV cherry. I didn't tell him I've had RVs since 1971. Of course I was kind of embarrassed. Oh well, live and learn!

I have yet to use my RV stove. I've only lit the oven to see if it works. I do all my cooking on my Q100. I also eat at the local seafood and Thai restaurants. Seafood is one of the benefits of living here on the coast because it is plentiful and reasonably inexpensive. Here's a picture of my meal last night from my Weber. Yummy... Shish kebabs!

                                       Shish kebab 

I would be lax if I didn't show you a picture of my four-year-old nephew. He sure loves his uncle Mike, and his uncle Mike loves him back. This is in front of the camper and he improvised a toy with a stick and a pine cone. I don't know if he was amused, but it sure amused me.

                               Jake and the pine cone 

My little doggies are doing just fine. They have become really accustomed to the camper life. They get a good walk everyday and just love it because for snacks they get Walmart beef jerky. Lucky dogs...


I'm not really sure how long I must stay here, but I am changing RV spaces today. Why? The space that I am at is 30 amp. That was plenty when I got here at the end of February, but now that summer and the heat is here, the only way I can run both my air-conditioners is with my generator. There's a really nice spot down the road that has 50 amp, so I shall move camp a little ways in order to run both air-conditioners at the same time. He gets really hot here in Florida, with lots of humidity. 

I am also ordering the Dish Network's Tailgater. I haven't had any satellite television for the past six months. I have had to make do with the broadcast TV. I'm a bit of a TV junkie, so it has not been enjoyable. It would be a lot better if I spoke Spanish, because it seems like the good clear channels are in Spanish.(on broadcast TV). I've been missing my Travel Channel, and my History Channel, and lots of other things that are offered on satellite. While we're talking about technology on the road, what do most to you do for Internet connections? I have a Samsung S3, and get pretty fast Internet off of it, but man, is it expensive. Any ideas? Has anyone used DishNet yet, or Hughes Net? I would appreciate some feedback.

In case you didn't know, Central Florida is Harley Davidson heaven. The largest Harley dealership in the world is just a few miles down the road from here. There's also a JandP motorcycle superstore. I've never seen anything like it. Here are some Harley pictures.It's really like riding in Paradise down here.....

Since I've been out here on the road, I lost one of my music heroes. In fact, the world has lost what I, and many others consider the best country and western singer that has ever been. Who am I talking about? Why the Possum of course... Mr. George Jones!! Rest in peace, George.

Thank you for the readers that I still have, I hope I haven't alienated any of you. I really will try to do better in the future. As always, I send you much love, good vibes, and many warm fuzzies.